The Break

about The Break

When you're young and homeless, barely surviving and you have no way to get a job, an apartment or an education, how do you begin to build a life for yourself? There are over 1.5 million homeless youth living on the streets, in shelters and couch surfing, in America. Despite the stereotypes, many of them are not addicts, hardened criminals or mentally ill. They come from families who didn't understand them, some are runaways who could no longer tolerate the abuse they experienced in their own homes and some have aged out of the foster care system with no family to turn to and no place to go. These homeless youth are caught in a downward spiral that becomes more hopeless as time goes by. They are at increased risk to become involved in prostitution, crime and illegal drug use--and as many as one out of every three of them will eventually attempt suicide. Every day, strangers turn a blind eye, telling themselves that the problems are just too big to fix. But what if they aren't? In the inspirational documentary THE BREAK, viewers are introduced to three diverse young people: Ava, Nancy and Rob. All are currently without a home to call their own and are in desperate need of a change. We see the world through their eyes--the looming dangers, the struggles for food and shelter and the overwhelming obstacles holding them back. Our host, homeless advocate Anne Mahlum offers them opportunities and the tools necessary to build a better life for themselves. When Anne intervenes, she offers them a chance to change their lives by providing the support and guidance they need. From essential education to counseling sessions, from job interviewing to behavior modification, Ava, Nancy and Rob will finally have access to the opportunities needed to create a functional, healthy lifestyle. None of this will be easy but for those who embrace the opportunities and are willing to put in the work, THE BREAK offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to completely transform the lives they have into the lives they want. THE BREAK is the personal vision of U2's world-renowned guitarist, The Edge, who believes that everyone deserves a chance at a decent life--especially youth who are living without a home or support system through no fault of their own. Featuring original music by The Edge and produced by Gigantic! Productions, the multi-award winning team behind such acclaimed documentaries about youth in crisis as Gone Too Far, True Life: I'm Deaf and I'm Addicted to Crystal Meth, this documentary is an exciting and emotional voyage through unexplored territory. THE BREAK takes viewers on an inspirational journey like no other--all by offering young people a chance and someone to believe in them.