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The girls get their official group name, their first music video, and exciting news about their first single in this killer season finale.

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Tiffany and Andi train in the gym for future performances and talk about their excitement for the group.

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Heather oversteps her boundaries when trying to help Stephenie in the recording booth.

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  1. While Joe Simpson pushes the girls to put the finishing touches on their first single,...  Read Full Summary »


  2. Heather and Joe finally come to an agreement about the final cut. With the final five in...  Read Full Summary »


  3. Drama erupts as Gynger tries to go solo and Andi and Xin can't work out their differences....  Read Full Summary »


About The Alectrix

  1. New ladies, new drama, new management - In this six-episode series, we follow Heather Naylor as she tries to break into the music industry with her girl group and finally fulfill her pop-star dreams. The series begins with Heather and the rest of the girls realizing they are at a standstill and desperately need a change if they are ever going to get to the next level. With no other option in sight, Heather decides to bring in music mogul, Joe Simpson, to take over all management duties. He immediately decides to reboot the group by making the original members re-audition against a group of his own, handpicked, singers.

    Friendships are broken and rivalries emerge as the girls fight for their spot in the group. Their dance ability and singing chops are tested while some girls' commitment to the group is called into question. Meanwhile, Heather discovers that giving up control of the group doesn't come without a price. Joe's vision for the group clashes with Heather's, and neither are willing to back down. Finally, the group is assembled, but the girls quickly learn there's still a long way to go. The Alectrix may have all the talent, drive and dedication to make it to the top, but that's only half the battle.

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