1. Once a practicing Baptist minister and psychologist in his native Texas, Joe Simpson now makes a living as a thriving talent manager and producer in Los Angeles. He entered show business as the manager for his daughters, Jessica and Ashlee. Since...   Read More

  2. No one has more at stake for The Alectrix to succeed than Heather. Both the founder and original manager, Heather has put her heart and soul into making this girl group a reality. She's worn many hats in the past, but is ready to let her musical...   Read More

  3. Born with music in her bones, Ayana has been singing and recording since the age of seven with the full support of her musical family. As soon as she graduated from a Performing Arts High School in Los Angeles, Ayana knew she would pursue her dream...   Read More

  4. Andi Roxx came to LA from Oakland with nothing but a suitcase and dreams of stardom. Both a singer and a rapper, she has unique skills that make her a killer component of The Alectrix. Andi is super-respectful and fiercely loyal to those who have...   Read More

  5. Your typical all America girl-next-door, Chelsea is often known as the goodie two-shoes of the group. Since we last saw her, she has been working hard to better herself as an artist, taking voice lessons and hitting the dance floor. Pursuing pop...   Read More

  6. Born and raised in Memphis, Gynger moved to Los Angeles in 2009 with pop star dreams. An original member of the group, Gynger always does what she wants and is never afraid to say what's on her mind. While she enjoys being part of a group, she...   Read More

  7. Heather's best friend and band mate, Missy, moved to Los Angeles six years ago to follow her own musical dreams. She's been singing and dancing ever since she learned to play the piano at age six. Known as the tattooed bartender and party girl...   Read More

  8. An original member of the group, Raven isn't one to sit around and wait to be discovered. When she's not singing and dancing with the group, she's pursuing other options and keeping a successful modeling career going. Raven's unapologetic about...   Read More

  9. Stephenie is a fun loving, free spirit with an intense passion for singing and performing. She's had many adventures and opportunities since moving from her hometown of Dallas to Los Angeles. Stephenie has traveled the world on tour as both a...   Read More

  10. No stranger to Hollywood, Tiffany's had her fair share of false starts and broken promises. Originally from Phoenix, Tiffany got her start singing in church with her Dad and choreographing dance routines for the neighborhood kids. Music and dance...   Read More

  11. Xin came to the U.S. in 2009 in a brave attempt to further her career in music. Despite English being her second language, Xin has used her amazing voice to her advantage and has worked with a variety of recording artists since coming to America. ...   Read More