Featured Artists

Songs from the show

    1. The Pussycat Dolls  ‘Top Of The World (Ft. The Writing Camp)'

      'The City' Theme Song

    1. Vibrolux  ‘Hipnotik'

      Erin and an ELLE editor run into Whitney at a clothing expo and they ask if she has any dresses they could use in an upcoming photo shoot with actress Ashley Greene.

    1. Savannah Packard  ‘Move With Me'

      Roxy meets her father Ken to ask for his advice, and for money so she can move out from Whitney's apartment.

    1. Meghan Kabir  ‘Back to the Sun'

      Olivia is hesitant to use anything from the Whitney Eve collection during the Ashley Greene photo shoot.

    1. I-94  ‘Slave'

    1. Aceyalone  ‘On The 1'

      Kelly invites Whitney and Roxy to attend a charity event.

    1. Julian Shah-Tayler  ‘Say What You Want'

      Olivia hosts an interview with actress Ashley Greene for ELLE.com.

    1. Girl Meet Girl  ‘You Burn My Heart Up'

      Whitney, Samantha, Roxy and Kelly attend the Tulips and Pansies charity event.

    1. Annie  ‘Loco'

      Whitney finds out from Samantha that Roxy is looking for an apartment and gets into an argument with Roxy about it during the event.

    1. Reina Williams  ‘Pocket Full of Money'

      Olivia tells Joe Zee about an opportunity to produce some content for ELLE.com in Japan.

    1. Polaris At Noon  ‘Time'

      Erin and Seth walk and plan to replace Olivia when she goes to Japan.

    1. White Apple Tree  ‘Snowflakes'

      Whitney comes home and finds Roxy packing her things.

    1. Caitlin Crosby  ‘Today'

      Whitney is surprised by Roxy's sudden decision to move out.