Featured Artists

  1. Something Good Can Work

Songs from the show

    1. The Pussycat Dolls  ‘Top Of The World (Ft. The Writing Camp)'

      'The City' Theme Song

    1. Reina Williams  ‘Whoa Yeah'

      Joe Zee holds a meeting at ELLE to prepare the staff for the upcoming NYC fashion week.

    1. Two Door Cinema Club  ‘Something Good Can Work'

      Roxy opts to stay behind to help Kelly at People's Revolution instead of going with Whitney to a fashion show at Bryant Park.

    1. Vogue In The Movement  ‘Attire On Fire'

      Whitney and friend Samantha attend the Charlotte Ronson fashion show.

    1. Lady Gaga  ‘So Happy I Could Die'

      Whitney and Samantha enjoy an up close look at Charlotte Ronson's collection from their front row seats.

    1. B.o.B feat. Bruno Mars  ‘Nothin' On You'

      Whitney woos the Maybelline representatives and they explore the possibility of showing her new collection at Miami fashion week.

    1. The Spin Silhouette  ‘Euphoria'

      Olivia and Joe Zee make their way into The Armory to attend the Marc Jacobs fashion show.

    1. Alphastates  ‘Champagne Glass'

      Olivia attempts to get backstage with her ELLE.com camera crew to get an interview with designer Marc Jacobs after his show.

    1. Kat Danson  ‘Vanity'

      Roxy and Kelly discuss final preparations backstage prior to the start of the David Delfin fashion show.

    1. Iyaz  ‘Replay'

      Roxy helps Kelly conduct the David Delfin fashion show from the director's booth.

    1. Sarah McGregor  ‘Get Rich'

      Joe Zee arrives at the Badgley Mischka fashion show and discovers that Olivia is nowhere to be found.

    1. Babamars  ‘Electro-cute'

      Whitney and Roxy catch up back at People's Revolution after the busy NYC fashion week.

    1. Elisa Schwartz  ‘On Top of The World'

      Kelly breaks the news to Whitney that Maybelline has chosen her collection to be featured in their Miami fashion show.

    1. Nneka  ‘Focus'

      Erin meets with ELLE's Editor-In-Chief Robbie Myers and persuades her to give fashion journalist Louise Roe a shot at covering ELLE.com.