Featured Artists

  1. Never Give Up

Songs from the show

    1. The Pussycat Dolls  ‘Top Of The World (Ft. The Writing Camp)'

      'The City' Theme Song

    1. Sophia Fresh  ‘This Instant'

      Kelly gives Roxy the opportunity to take the lead on upcoming press appointments at People's Revolution.

    1. Nylon Pink  ‘Fluff'

      Olivia and Erin head to the Guess showroom for an editor press preview of the new Guess by Marciano collection.

    1. Deluka  ‘Black Cloud'

      Olivia and Erin select items from the new collection to wear to the upcoming Guess by Marciano party hosted by ELLE.

    1. The Knux  ‘Lights Camera Action'

      Whitney catches up with Joe Zee while at the Guess by Marciano party.

    1. Ke$ha Feat. 3OH!3  ‘Blah Blah Blah'

      Joe Zee and Erin are upset when they realize Olivia did not wear Guess to the party.

    1. Classic  ‘You Don't Stop'

      Whitney and Roxy grab coffee and discuss last night's party.

    1. Aceyalone feat. Bionik  ‘Workin' Man's Blues'

      Kelly coaches Roxy through her press appointment with designer Henry Holland and the editors from Glamour Magazine.

    1. Salme Dahlstrom  ‘Superstar Car Crash'

      Joe Zee scolds Olivia for not wearing Guess to the Guess by Marciano party hosted by ELLE.

    1. The Delta Spirit  ‘Gimmie Some Motivation'

      Roxy hosts a press appointment at with designer Daniela Felder and the editorial director from Paper Magazine.

    1. Hook with Beat  ‘Supermodel'

      Whitney stops by ELLE Magazine to take Joe Zee up on his offer to preview her new collection.

    1. Sofi Bonde  ‘Never Give Up'

      Whitney is disheartened by the feedback from Joe Zee and ELLE's fashion director, Anne Slowey.

    1. Kelis  ‘Acapella'

      Erin and Seth chat about what happened with Olivia at the Guess by Marciano party.

    1. Asia Whiteacre  ‘Follow Me Down'

      Kelly gives Whitney words of encouragement after her disappointing meeting with Joe Zee and Anne Slowey.

    1. Breathe Electric  ‘Emotion'

      Erin interviews a potential replacement for Olivia, fashion journalist Louise Roe.

    1. Kascade ft. Dragonette  ‘Fire In Your New Shoes'

      Erin is impressed by Louise's experience in the fashion world.