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  1. Hey World

Songs from the show

    1. The Pussycat Dolls  ‘Top Of The World (Ft. The Writing Camp)'

      'The City' Theme Song

    1. Kate Nash  ‘Do-Wah-Doo'

      Whitney and Roxy discuss plans for her new collection's look book.

    1. The Orion Experience  ‘NYC Girl'

      Olivia helps Seth pull some accessories for Robbie.

    1. No Second Troy  ‘One In Ten'

      Joe Zee and Erin discuss Olivia's future at ELLE over breakfast in Beverly Hills.

    1. Ladyhawke  ‘My Delerium'

      Whitney waits for her date, French photographer Jonathan, to pick her up at her apartment.

    1. Rihanna feat. Jeezy  ‘Hard'

      Jonathan gives Whitney her first experience riding a motorcycle.

    1. Salme Dahlstrom  ‘Popwreck'

      Joe Zee and Erin arrive for the Fergie ELLE cover photo shoot.

    1. Black Eyed Peas  ‘Rock That Body'

      Fergie cover photo shoot at Milk Studios in Los Angeles.

    1. Hayley Steele  ‘Miss Respectable'

      Olivia and Alexis meet for lunch at David Burke Townhouse.

    1. Electric Valentine  ‘Faster'

      Whitney discusses with Roxy and Kelly her dilemma over wanting to hire Jonathan to shoot her look book photos.

    1. Nenna Yvonne  ‘Some Girls'

      Joe Zee and Erin reflect on the Fergie cover photo shoot during the car ride back to the airport.

    1. Asia Whiteacre  ‘Follow Me Down'

      Erin argues with Joe Zee over Olivia's ability to contribute to the magazine.

    1. Alissa Moreno  ‘Hey World'

      Look book photo shoot for Whitney's new line at People's Revolution.

    1. The Submarines  ‘You Me & The Bourgiosie'

      Jonathan chats up Whitney during the photo shoot.

    1. Pixie Lott  ‘Turn It Up'

      Joe Zee reveals the final Fergie cover during a staff meeting at ELLE.

    1. Eurythmics  ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)'

      Erin is happy to see that the cover she preferred was chosen.

    1. Superchick  ‘Hold'

      Next time on 'The City'