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  1. Tea Party

Songs from the show

    1. The Pussycat Dolls  ‘Top Of The World (Ft. The Writing Camp)'

      'The City' Theme Song

    1. Kerli  ‘Tea Party'

      Olivia proposes to Kate that she interview her friends, the designers of Jemma Wynne, for a segment on ELLE.com.

    1. Horizontal Ladies Club  ‘Sonic Boom Boom Boom'

      Whitney & Erin on photo shoot for Whitney's line in connection with ELLE.com & Rue La La.

    1. Breathe Carolina  ‘I.D.G.A.F.'

      Kelly arrives at the photo shoot.

    1. The Soft Pack  ‘Answer to Yourself'

      Olivia interviews her friend Stephanie from Jemma Wynne.

    1. Nikki Lynette  ‘Whatever I Want'

      Kelly and Erin grow impatient waiting for Olivia to arrive to interview Whitney for ELLE.com.

    1. White Arrows  ‘City Boy KKS Remix'

      Whitney reviews photos with the photographer, and is intrigued when he tells her that he is primarily a war photographer.

    1. Vicky Nolan  ‘Good Fight'

      Erin grills Olivia for making her and the magazine look bad by not coming to interview Whitney.

    1. The Fire and Reason  ‘Do It Again'

      Zach, the photographer, picks up Roxy to go out for a dinner meeting.

    1. Nycole Valentina Feat. Q Da Kid  ‘Magic'

      Roxy and Zach have drinks at Philip Marie.

    1. Sugar Ray  ‘She's Got The (WooHoo)'

      Olivia stops by Joe Zee's office to discuss upcoming projects.

    1. Electric Valentine  ‘Chasing The Sun'

      Erin meets with ELLE.com to review Olivia's Jemma Wynne interview.

    1. Better Than Ezra  ‘Hell No!'

      Whitney and Roxy discuss their situations with Zach and Olivia while at People's Revolution.

    1. Chicks With Hits  ‘Your Word Against Mine'

      Kelly provokes Whitney to confront Olivia about not wanting to support her line.

    1. Kerli  ‘Creepshow'

      Olivia walks out after Whitney confronts her for not supporting her line.

    1. Superchick  ‘Hold'

      Next time on 'The City'