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  1. Participate

Songs from the show

    1. The Pussycat Dolls  ‘Top Of The World (Ft. The Writing Camp)'

      'The City' Theme Song

    1. Lady Sovereign  ‘Bang Bang'

      Erin reveals that she changed all of the looks that Olivia selected for the Today Show segment.

    1. Sophia Ramos  ‘Trouble'

      Roxy argues with Kelly about going to the Bergdorf Goodman meeting with Whitney.

    1. Alex Roots  ‘Fake'

      Joe asks Olivia what looks she pulled for the Today Show segment he is about to film.

    1. Madina Lake  ‘Never Take Us Alive'

      Whitney and Roxy prep for a preview of Whitney's collection for the buyers from Bergdorf Goodman.

    1. Stella Project  ‘All Systems Go'

      Joe presses Olivia for details on the looks that are being used in the Today Show segment.

    1. Spinnerette  ‘Baptized By Fire'

      Whitney and Roxy present the Whitney Eve line to the buyers from Bergdorf Goodman.

    1. Tegan & Sara  ‘Participate'

      Joe complains to Erin that Olivia was not prepared with information about the looks going onto air.

    1. Paper Route  ‘Chicago'

      Erin argues with Olivia about not knowing anything about the looks going onto air.

    1. Timbaland Feat. Nelly Furtado and SoShy  ‘Morning After Dark'

      Whitney and Roxy walk and talk about the meeting with Bergdorf Goodman.

    1. Breathe Carolina  ‘I'm The Type of Person To Take It Personal'

      Olivia and Erin meet with Joe and discuss what went wrong with the Today Show segment.

    1. Blonde Redhead  ‘Spring and by Summer Fall'

      Kelly suggests to Whitney that she do a fashion show with Mara Hoffman and Nicholas K during fashion week.

    1. Jay-Z Feat. Alicia Keys  ‘Empire State of Mind'

      Whitney accepts the challenge, knowing she has a lot of work to do to prepare for fashion week.