• Adam K.Cast Member
    Adam K.

    Last seen on Duel 2 getting brutally punched in the face by his former Real World: Paris roommate, CT, Adam returns for another shot at Challenge glory. But has Adam gotten over the notorious incident? Adam admits, "You have to tell yourself that you're a better person moving forward. I'm trying to get to a place where I can forgive him for what he did and take responsibility for my part in it. But it is tough!" One thing that Adam can look forward to this season is discovering a Challenge romance.

  • Adam R.Cast Member
    Adam R.

    Real World: Back to Las Vegas viewers barely got a taste of Adam, when he was kicked off for his outlandish behavior. This explosive twenty-two year old makes his Challenge debut without any worries, promising, "I'm fearless. I'll eat anything. I'll jump off of anything. I'll do whatever. I don't care if I get hurt or what happens." Fearless, perhaps...but has Adam left his make-no-apologies Vegas days behind him? Don't bet the bank on it...