The Andy Milonakis Show

About The Show

After repeatedly defaming New York and its residents, absurdist comedy kingpin Andy Milonakis has packed up his stuff and moved to Los Angeles. Maybe he wanted to be closer to Jimmy Kimmel, executive producer of The Andy Milonakis Show and the man who last season declared himself a twisted Geppetto who created Andy ... if only to sabotage him with termites. So, Andy is about to unleash his special brand of idiocy on the unsuspecting West Coast. He's armed with a new blue shirt, a brand spankin' new theme song and a few new friends. Don't worry, Ralphie came along, too. We're not sure if he came on the plane with Andy, or if he was shipped as freight. It doesn't matter, really. He arrived safely. Rivka and Larry will be on hand too ... but not necessarily how you would expect to find them. Although, when you think about it, it's best not to expect anything when it comes to The Andy Milonakis Show, right? Yet, Andy is still up to his old tricks, even in Los Angeles. He's messing with delivery men, old people, young people, animals, inanimate objects, food, Ralphie (of course), ants, the sky, cars, nose hair, action figures, and famous people. Who, you ask? Keep your eyes peeled for celebrity guests including Hilary Duff, Sarah Silverman, Three 6 Mafia, Paul Reubens, and Bow Wow to show up in the third season of The Andy Milonakis Show. "Loopiness is the norm on Mr. Milonakis's show," The New York Times has written. In an article titled "Feel Better TV," the Chicago Sun-Times declared it televised chicken soup. "You won't remember you feel lousy," the paper stated, "you'll be too mesmerized." Andy's first season was on MTV. The second season found him on MTV2. This time around, online at and will be the place to find him first, with the third season's six episodes set to roll out weekly beginning March 27th. Afterwards, you can watch the full season every Saturday on MTV2, starting April 28th. You can also download the entire third season at iTunes. That's how much we love Andy!