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  1. Welcome to Italy! Domenico takes the final two girls, Megan and Kim, to his beloved hometown in Italy. This will be the girls' last change to not only impress Domenico, but to win the hearts of his parents and grandparents. Expecting a city of......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Domenico takes his final two bambinas to Italy to meet his family before deciding who to spend his life with.


About Episode

  1. Welcome to Italy! Domenico takes the final two girls, Megan and Kim, to his beloved hometown in Italy. This will be the girls' last change to not only impress Domenico, but to win the hearts of his parents and grandparents.

    Expecting a city of beauty and romance, Megan is a little disappointed when they arrive in Domenico's hometown. Acquardo, a tiny town in the north of Italy with only one butchers shop, one bakery, and a church doesn't exactly scream 'romance.'

    Domenico decides to split his time evenly with the girls; each gets one day with him for a date and meeting his family. Megan is the first to spend the day with Domenico, and is nervous under all the pressure. Domenico takes her to a quaint little bar owned by his cousin, and Megan tries to prove she's the right girl for Domenico. It's a good thing Megan had a few drinks, because the next stop is the Butcher shop, where they'll be picking up fresh meat for dinner. When Megan freaks about the butcher taking a meat cleaver to a pigs head, Domenico gets worried. Italian culture's all about food, and if Megan can't handle this little thing, how will she survive as his bambina in Italy?

    The big moment comes for Megan to meet the parents. Megan comes face-to-face with her worst nightmare: cooking in a kitchen, where no one speaks English. But she manages to win the hearts of Domenico's mom when she successfully churns out some fresh pasta. This girl must know pasta is the way to any Italian's heart! Things get a little awkward when Domenico's parents ask Megan how many kids she'll want, but in the end, she wins them over with her sweet personality and good-girl looks.

    The next day is Kim's one-on-one time with Domenico, and she's ready to do anything it takes to out-do Megan. First, Domenico takes her to a bakery, where she admits she's worried what his parents will think of her fake blonde hair and fake boobs. Domenico assures her that it's not all about her looks, he's looking for love to last a lifetime, and that's all about what's on the inside. After dessert, Domenico takes Kim to his grandfathers olive garden, where they see his grandfather sharpening a knife and chasing chickens for that night's dinner. While the unlucky chicken dangles from his hands, Kim can't look, Domenico screams, and the grandfather wonders what all the commotion is about. It's just dinner! But Kim quickly pulls herself together, determined to impress Domenico and his family, and offers to hold the now-headless chicken.

    At Domenico's house that night, Domenico's grandmother shows Kim how to make salami out of pig intestine, and again, Kim impresses Domenico and the family with her determination. Even when the secret slips about her fake boobs, Domenico's mom says she thinks they look nice, and the rest of the family simply accepts her for the person she is. Domenico's parents tell him they think Kim is very outgoing and beautiful, and will be very happy if they end up together. But, if he chooses Megan, that will make them happy, too. Poor Domenico's decision just got harder.

    The next morning, both girls join Domenico and his parents for huge breakfast, and then head outside to the Piazza where an even bigger surprise is in store for them: a huge parade has been organized, celebrating Domenico's search for amore!

    The girls and Domenico eventually have to say goodbye to Italy and return to the U.S., where difficult decisions await. Luckily, true-blue Ashley is waiting at the airport to make things a little easier for Domenico, who is struggling with his flip-flopping mind. Domenico decides to have one last date with each girl, hoping to see who his true amore should be.

    Kim gets to go first this time, with a romantic hot-tub date. Domenico gives Kim a necklace with a single pearl, explaining to her that her beauty is natural, not only outwardly but on the inside as well. After the date, Kim flaunts the necklace is front of Megan, but Megan's only motivated more to step up her game. On Megan's date, Domenico is determined to make an Italian chef out of her, so he brings her to the kitchen to conjure up a romantic dinner for two. After dinner, Domenico gives Megan two presents. First (and most importantly), an Italian cookbook, and secondly, a beautiful heart necklace.

    The dreaded elimination day has finally arrived, and the girls desperately try to psyche out the other during breakfast. Each seems confident she's about to spend the rest of her life with the man from Milan. Domenico treats the girls to a day of relaxation at the spa before the nerve-wracking night that awaits them. But finally the moment of truth arrives. Kim and Megan, dressed in their best, face Domenico, knowing one of their hearts is about to be broken.

    Domenico's emotions get the best of him as he reminisces about all the wonderful romantic times he's had with both of them, and worries about picking the right girl who won't break his heart. After what seems like an eternity of waiting, Domenico picks up the last flag and asks Megan to be his one and only bambina. Kim walks away, quiet but brokenhearted, as Megan and Domenico blissfully kiss. An Italian band plays behind them as they dance the night away, celebrating their new life full of amore.