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  1. With only five girls left, the fight for Domenico is more intense than ever! Right away, Christina gets into it with Kathleen and Talor for talking smack behind her back. Domenico sits the five girls down to chat about the drama that's been going......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Christina and her mom stir up trouble when Domenico decides to meet the parents.


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  1. With only five girls left, the fight for Domenico is more intense than ever! Right away, Christina gets into it with Kathleen and Talor for talking smack behind her back. Domenico sits the five girls down to chat about the drama that's been going on, wanting reassurance that everyone's getting along. Christina and Talor claim they're cool with each other now, but somehow it's not terribly convincing...

    The girls manage to put the drama on hold for a little bit to head down to the RV for some sun-bathing and quality time with "good old Ashley". Christina realizes this is an ideal way to up her standing in the competition, as Ashley is sure to report everything that happens to Domenico. The first thing Ashley notices is that there's only four girls -- not used to all the cattiness and competition, Megan has opted to stay behind. The girls use the opportunity to question Megan's personality and intentions to Ashley. Sneaky, sneaky!

    Back at the mansion, a pizza arrives and instructs the girls to get dressed for dinner and meet him in the parlor. Megan thinks it's odd to have them meet in the parlor if they're just having dinner. Whatever could Domenico have up his sleeve?

    Sure enough, when they meet the man from Milan, he tells them he's decided to do something "a little bit more crazier". He leads them outside in time to see five cars pulling up to the mansion. A bevy of squeals and shrieks erupt as the passengers emerge from the cars and the girls realize Domenico has brought their families to the house.

    Some girls are more excited than others to see their parents. Kathleen is worried that her parents might embarrass her. Right off the bat, her dad introduces himself to Domenico in a very slow, loud voice. Because foreigners understand English better if it's spoken loudly, right?

    Meanwhile, Christina immediately starts a "Jagerbmb" chant with her exuberant (and possibly already drunk) mother and godmother. Domenico begins to understand where Christina gets her trouble-maker roots. This could get interesting!

    Always the good host, Domenico takes the families on a tour of the house. The pool, his bedroom, the kitchen and of course, the girls' room. But the man from Milan has another trick up his sleeve -- the parents will all be sleeping in one room with all the girls!

    After the 'rents have settled in, Domenico treats them to an al fresco Italian meal. Each family has their own table and Domenico will spend time with each of them individually. Right off the bar, Domenico notices how different Kathleen is around her parents, which worries him. Next, he chats with Talor's parents about his desire to settle down with the right girl.

    Moving on, Domenico is pleased to see a softer side of Kim and how close she is to her family. Then at Megan's table, Domenico learns that Megan's uncle is there because her father passed away several years ago. He's charmed by Megan's bond with her family, but encourages her to show him more of her personality.

    Last but not least is Christina's table, where the trouble-making trio has been pounding through wine bottles, heckling the other girls, and flirting with Ashley for most of the meal. Domenico's rightfully a little scared of this gang! But Christina's mom would be thrilled to have her daughter date any man who could wear a little speedo and look cute.

    Full on Italian food, Domenico leads the families into the dining room for a surprise dessert: a cannoli-filling sucking and spitting competition. Whichever family fills up their spit container first wins some one-on-one family time with Domenico. Although Christina's family is psyched, the rest of the parents aren't so thrilled to sink to this "new low". But they suck it up for their daughters and, after a fierce competition, the winner is...who else? Team Jagerbomb!

    As a reward, Christina and her family get to head up to Domenico's disco before all the other families. Christina's mom and godmother make the best of this time with Domenico...by doing more Jagerbombs and making out with Ashley. If the trailer's a-rockin'...

    Things turn sour when the other families join the disco party. Having had a bit too much Jager, Christina's mom sinks her claws into Talor. Domenico has to break up the fight, but Talor's already been brought to tears and her parents quickly take her away.

    As Domenico comforts Talor, the Christina-clan continues to stir up trouble. This time, Christina chooses to single-out Kathleen, questioning her virginity and morals. Not a smart thing to do in front of a girl's family! When Kathleen threatens to strangle her, Christina leaps across the table and taunts the good girl to go for it. The girls get in some good old-fashioned hair pulling and even land a few punches before getting pulled apart.

    Domenico and Ashley feel sorry for Christina because her mother is clearly "coo-coo", but Domenico thinks it's best if Team Jagerbomb goes home. Christina bursts into tears and cries "not fair", but fortunately her mom is there to comfort her...and get her another drink.

    Back in the house, Domenico apologizes to the families and tells them the drama has left the house. This reassures most of the girls, but has the opposite effect on the one remaining brunette. The next morning, Domenico finds the Megan crying and confused. She's just not sure she can handle everyone else and her mom wants to take her home if she's not happy. Fortunately, Domenico convinces her to stay for him and is all the more impressed that she's willing to go against her mother's wishes and stay.

    Wanting to erase the memory of the disastrous disco, Domenico invites the families to join him for a traditional American meal. He takes the opportunity to talk to the girls about their past relationships and they're feelings on falling in love. This makes most of the girls feel special, but freaks Talor out because his focus appeared to be on the other girls more than her. It makes her worry that she'll be the one to go.

    The parents join their daughters for the elimination, realizing for the first time just how stressful the experience is. Before announcing his decision, Domenico has the parents tell him why they think their daughter would impress his family if he brought her to Italy. He's impressed by all the answers, but unfortunately, he's only got three flags to give out.

    First up is Kim, followed by the nerve-wracked Talor. Domenico has bottom-two Kathleen and Megan come up, asking them both to open up more and that he wishes he could have more time with them. In a surprising turn of events, he asks Ashley to join them and the consigliere pulls out a fourth flag. He wants both girls to be his bambinas...at least for one more week!