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  1. Domenico's learning a lot more things about America; most importantly, blondes and brunettes don't like each other! So what's a guy to do when he's got five of each to choose from? He decides to do something special and cook all ten of them......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Two girls are sent to the hospital after competing in a pizza-making race and a statue contest to win some one-on-one time with Domenico.


About Episode

  1. Domenico's learning a lot more things about America; most importantly, blondes and brunettes don't like each other! So what's a guy to do when he's got five of each to choose from? He decides to do something special and cook all ten of them breakfast. When Kathleen comes downstairs, fresh out of the shower to get some Italian cuisine, Domenico tells her she looks beautiful and gives her a kiss. Domenico confesses that he's really starting to like Kathleen, and wants some more of where that kiss came from!

    But the battle of the blondes vs. brunettes still hasn't been decided. Sure, Kathleen's blonde, but that doesn't mean all blondes are better, does it? Domenico sends a pizza box to the door, with a note inside instructing the girls to come outside for a challenge that will settle the dispute. He might as well satisfy his Italian-craving stomach at the same time, so he devises a challenge of who can make a pizza the fastest. Each girl gets a helmet with a pizza platter on top, and has to make an entire pizza on her head, and then deliver it on a bicycle to Domenico, who's hungrily waiting. The winning team gets a date with Domenico.

    At the start of the game, the blondes are ahead and think they have it in the bag. Things get even worse for the brunette team when Christina severely slices her hand on the cheese grater. Seeing their injured teammate motivates the brunettes enough to win the date for her. Unfortunately for Christina, the paramedics can't stop the bleeding, and she is rushed to the hospital, crying the whole way in the ambulance that she doesn't want to miss her date with her Italian man who she risked her finger for.

    Domenico sets up a date outside with a fire, wine, and plenty of leopard print fabric. Romantico! He has a unique one-on-one conversation with each girl: Megan gets a steamy kiss, Jessica shows off her booty to prove it's better than any blondes, Love shows an awkward side, and Ashley rambles for an hour, not letting Domenico to get a word in.

    Meanwhile, the blondes play in the bathroom. But silly games, like condom water balloon fights, turn viciously against Rebecca when Kim decides she wants Rebecca gone. Kim begins to spread rumors that Rebecca went crazy and threw a tantrum in the bathroom. When Rebecca hears the rumors, she begins to sob hysterically. Kim admits that she's being cruel, but instead of being apologetic, she breaks out into a Cheshire cat grin.

    Domenico is pleasantly surprised when Christina makes it back in time for part of the date. After showing Domenico her stitches, she heads inside to take a much-needed shower, leaving the rest of the brunettes to entertain Domenico in the hot tub.

    The next day, pizza box #3 arrives at the door, containing 'outfits' that are smaller than the skimpiest underwear, with a note inviting the girls to another game. But this one's a game of individual endurance rather than blondes vs. brunettes. It's every girl for herself. Love is sick, but her infatuation for Domenico forces her out of bed. The girls come outside to meet Domenico, who tells them he loves to put beautiful girls like themselves on pedestals. Ashley, always there to assist Domenico, explains the game to the girls while wearing nothing but a toga and cowboy boots. The girls have to spray each other head to toe in white paint, and then pose on one leg atop a pedestal. The last 'statue' standing wins a date with Domenico. Five minutes into the game, the girls start slipping. But Love gives everyone a scare when she steps down off her pedestal and collapses to the ground. The paramedics come again, and Love is taken away in an ambulance. Two ambulances in 24 hours? Domenico's search for amore is getting dangerous! But the game goes on; these girls will do anything for true love.

    An hour later, Rebecca is the last girl standing, much to Kim's disgust. For their date, Domenico picks her up in a horse-drawn carriage. Only an Italian would come up with such a fairytale romance! On their ride to dinner, Rebecca confides how she was being mistreated by the rest of the blondes, and Domenico feels an immediate connection; they were both the black sheep on their shows!

    After returning home from their date, Domenico goes upstairs to choose which two girls' chances for amore will be ending that night, and Rebecca feels confident that she won't be one of those girls. Love also returns for the elimination, but arrives un-showered, coughing, wrapped in a blanket, and wearing a hospital mask. Domenico calls her up first, shocking the rest of the girls who are dressed to impress. But instead of asking her to be his Bombina, Domenico tells Love that she needs to take care of herself and get better, and she needs to do it at home. Nice way of saying 'hospital masks aren't sexy.' Jessica is the next to be sent home. She tearfully asks why, and Domenico says he just couldn't find a connection with her.

    Five blondes and three brunettes are left, even after the brunettes proved they were better pizza-makers, an Italians dream! Could Domenico have a preference, after all?