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  1. Amber is the mother of 2 year-old Leah. She continues to struggle with her relationship with on- and off-again boyfriend and father of her child, Gary. When Amber is charged with domestic violence, their days are immediately filled with court dates...   Read More

  2. Catelynn is the sweet high school senior who chose adoption for her daughter Carly almost 2 years ago. Because she missed so much school while she was pregnant, Catelynn is still working to complete high school. She and her boyfriend, Tyler,...   Read More

  3. Farrah is a culinary student and aspiring model who wants to accomplish it all for her daughter, Sophia. Farrah has been fortunate enough to have her parents, Debra and Michael, to help with childcare - which makes it easier for her to go after her...   Read More

  4. Maci is still trying to do it all. After some debate, she moves from Nashville back to her hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee with her now 2-year-old son Bentley. Maci and her boyfriend, Kyle, talk about moving in together, both unsure about how...   Read More