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  1. Maci is your classic teenage overachiever -- popular, athletic, and successful in school. She had big plans to go away to college and have fun with her friends and her boyfriend Ryan -- but everything changed when she got pregnant in high school and...   Read More »

  2. High school cheerleader turned single mom, Farrah is facing the challenge of raising her daughter Sophia without her baby's father in the picture. Farrah lives at home with her mom, Debra, who helps with childcare but also nags Farrah about every...   Read More »

  3. Catelynn is a smart and funny high school Senior, who spent her Junior year pregnant with her daughter Carly. In an emotional journey, Catelynn and her boyfriend Tyler chose adoption, even though their own parents strongly disapproved. They have a...   Read More »

  4. Amber is a self-declared teenage party girl who dropped out of high school and grew up fast when she got pregnant with her baby, Leah. While her fiancé, Gary, works 12-hour days to support the family, Amber stays at home alone with Leah all day, and...   Read More »