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Songs from the show

    1. Millionaires  ‘Hey Rich Boy'

    1. The Handcuffs  ‘Safe Tonight'

    1. White Eagle  ‘Empty Bottles'

    1. The Mel-tones  ‘Carvin' The Drift'

    1. The Handcuffs  ‘Spytown'

    1. Fireproof Hotel  ‘Cattle Call'

    1. AbbotFinney  ‘Show Me Something Better'

    1. Rachel Goodrich  ‘Dope Song'

    1. The Handcuffs  ‘Peggy Moffitt'

    1. Big City Dreams  ‘Death of An Insurance Salesman'

    1. The New Frontiers  ‘Walking On Stones'

    1. Bright  ‘I've Got A Feeling'

    1. Honestly  ‘Always Alone'

    1. Big City Dreams  ‘Can’t Catch Halley's Comet'

    1. Bright  ‘Serpent'

    1. Honestly  ‘Run'

    1. Goot  ‘I'll Be Moving'