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  1. We catch up with Taquita and Kaui this week as the girls are taking a stroll down the Las Vegas strip and their attentions are caught by some fireworks being shot off from the top of a nearby building. When Taquita and Kaui get closer they realize......  Read Full Episode Summary »

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  1. We catch up with Taquita and Kaui this week as the girls are taking a stroll down the Las Vegas strip and their attentions are caught by some fireworks being shot off from the top of a nearby building. When Taquita and Kaui get closer they realize that the building is actually the Stardust Hotel and Casino, the place of their first Vegas gig. However, the fireworks signal the demise of the Stardust as there are a lot more, and much louder booms to follow as the Stardust is demolished and collapses onto itself. The explosions freak Taquita and Kaui out and they are frozen in shock, but only for a second as they see the approaching dust cloud and they take off running.

    The girls get back to their home, The Happi Inn motel, to do some laundry. They check in with Rita at the front desk and she tells them that the Happi Inn has some laundry facilities. Taquita and Kaui go around back to check it out but soon decide that doing laundry in the dark behind the motel is too scary. So they set off, bags full of dirty clothes, to try and find some more suitable facilities. Taquita and Kaui walk around the neighborhood for a while in search of a laundry mat. They stop at a mini-mart to try and buy some laundry soap but the proprietor of the establishment threatens to call the cops on the girls if they don't get out of the store with their suitcases. The girls have no luck in their laundry search and head back to the Happi Inn defeated.

    In the morning Taquita and Kaui have a meeting with Ricky, their manager, to see if he has any more work lined up for them. Ricky says he has an audition for them at Legends in Concert, a popular show where performers impersonate legendary entertainers. The girls are excited at this prospect because Taquita can do a mean Tina Turner and Kaui has Mariah Carey down cold.

    The girls show up for the audition and do very well. However, the producers of the show think that Kaui would work better as Gwen Stefani and they see Taquita as Beyonce. But this wouldn't be an immediate thing and the girls would have to work with choreographers and stylists for a while to get their acts just right. However, there is an opening for back-up singers and dancers in the Marilyn Monroe part of the show. After the audition the girls are upset that their Tina and Mariah didn't blow the producers away and they discuss how they don't have to take the job as Beyonce and Gwen Stefani but they can at least do back-up gig to make rent money and to show Ricky that they could have the job if they want it.

    Back at the Happi Inn the girls are in bed when they hear lots and lots of sirens coming from right out their window. They go outside to see cop cars everywhere. Taquita and Kaui spot another Happi Inn resident in the parking lot and they ask her what's going on. The woman they meet is Teresa, a two year resident of the Happi Inn and a genuine Las Vegas character. Teresa tells them that she was standing in line waiting for her fried chicken when she heard and saw somewhere between a dozen and 30 gunshots, she's not exactly sure though. The eccentric Teresa freaks Taquita and Kaui out a little bit and they run back to their room.

    In the morning Kaui and Taquita have an all-day rehearsal for the Marilyn Monroe act in Legends in Concert. The girls work hard and Taquita stumbles a little almost falling into a hole in the middle of the stage. Exhausted, the girls go straight back to the motel to try and get some sleep before the show the next day. Taquita and Kaui crawl into bed but they can't sleep. It seems every half-hour there are sirens driving past. They go back outside to see if anything interesting is happening and they run into Teresa again. The girls talk with Teresa and she shows them some of the weird things she can do, like sitting cross legged and teetering back and forth. Teresa finds this hysterical but the girls don't really know what to make of it. After a few minutes Rita comes out and tells Teresa to go to her room and mind her business. It's not clear what Rita's problem is and Taquita and Kaui sure don't know, but they take off back to their room to try and sleep for a couple of hours.

    The next day is the Legends in Concert show. Taquita and Kaui are nervous, as usual, but when it comes to show time they kill it, as they knew they would. With two gigs down Taquita and Kaui look to be on their way. Tune in to MTV every Monday at 10:30pm to see what kind of craziness Taquita and Kaui get themselves into next.