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A new movie role takes Tyler away from SCPA and the crews battle it out in a dance competition.

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Adam performs his original song, "Who Will Love You" and Tyler performs his routine from the Dance Crew Competition.

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Browse through photo highlights from episode 12 of 'Taking The Stage.'

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  1. Flip through photos of the 'Taking The Stage' cast for season 2.

  2. Get to know the talented students 'Taking The Stage' at SCPA.

  3. Learn more about featured artist Laura Izibor and her music.

Songs from the show

    1. Leona Lewis  ‘Whatever It Takes'

    1. Sula  ‘Where I Come From'

    1. Caitlin Sparks  ‘Can't Stop'

    1. Heiruspecs  ‘Broken Record'

    1. Lorelei  ‘Secrets'

    1. Trillogy  ‘The Future'

    1. Fred Anthony  ‘Homesick'

    1. Takbir Bashir  ‘Let Em Know'

    1. Ten Days Till  ‘I Am What I Am'

    1. Lunch Break Betty  ‘LOL!'

    1. Nycole Valentina  ‘Pause'

    1. Adam Calvert  ‘Don't Give Up On Love'

    1. Nycole Valentina  ‘So Much Better'

    1. Rue Melo  ‘This Is My House'

    1. Shred  ‘Come Get It'

    1. Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado and SoShy  ‘Morning After Dark'

    1. Soundmaster T  ‘Freakalator'

    1. Britney Spears  ‘3'

    1. Cmone  ‘Article 5'

    1. Shred  ‘Game Time'

    1. Black Eyed Peas  ‘Mare'

    1. Kevin Jack  ‘Get Up Off Us'

    1. Clipse feat. Keri Hilson  ‘All Eyes On Me'

    1. Nneka  ‘Heartbeat'

    1. Heiruspecs  ‘On My Way'

    1. Heiruspecs  ‘Change Is Coming'

    1. Jason Derulo  ‘What If'

    1. B.o.B feat. Bruno Mars  ‘Nothin' On You'

    1. Valentine  ‘Reasons'

    1. Laura Izibor  ‘Mmm...'

    1. Adam Calvert  ‘Who Will Love You'

About Taking The Stage (Season 2)

  1. Taking the Stage is back for another season to capture all the drama, competition and relationships in the lives of the talented students at Cincinnati's famed, School for the Creative and Performing Arts. Last year's junior dance star, Tyler, returns for his senior year and is challenged by a whole new crop of talented hip hop rivals. Also new to the school is an aspiring rapper, a pop country singer and a brand new singer songwriter who steps into the shoes of the now graduated, Mia. We'll follow all of these kids as they balance the pressures of high school life while pursuing their dreams of becoming stars.

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