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Taking The Stage

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Watch The Graduation Special

Mia, Jasmine, Malik and Shaakira say goodbye to SCPA and move forward with their careers.

Watch The Finale

Malik, Tyler, Mia and Jasmine look toward the future as Mia and Tyler try to define their present relationship.

Watch The Full Performance

Take a look at Mia's full performance of "We Will Grow" from the season finale!

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  1. Miss an episode? Catch up on the singing, dancing and drama from this season of 'Taking The Stage.'

  2. Want to hear more of Mia? Check out some of her original songs and performances.

  3. Get an inside look at SCPA's five rising stars who are 'Taking The Stage.'

  1. Flip through a gallery featuring pictures of Jasmine, Tyler, Mia, Malik, Shaakira and more School for Creative and Performing Arts students.

  2. Learn about the School for Creative and Performing Arts' rising stars who are 'Taking the Stage.'

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Songs from the show

    1. Beyonce  ‘Sweet Dreams'

    1. Mia Carruthers  ‘Chasing After Something'

    1. Leona Lewis  ‘Whatever It Takes'

      'Taking The Stage' theme song.

    1. The DNC  ‘Feeling Good'

    1. Timbaland feat. One Republic  ‘Marchin On'

    1. Rihanna  ‘Hard'

    1. The Beatards  ‘Dang Diggity Dang'

    1. Jay Sean  ‘Down'

    1. LMFAO  ‘LA LA LA'

    1. T.I. feat. John Legend  ‘Slide Show'

About Taking The Stage (Season 1)

  1. In the heart of Cincinnati is a place where talented kids from all walks of life come to pursue their dreams. It is the School for Creative and Performing Arts. Gaining acceptance to SCPA and Taking the Stage here is an honor and talented dancers, musicians and actors have to audition to get into the school. Once they're there, students spend most of their waking hours honing their skills for a chance to prove they've got what it takes to make it.

    Kids who attend SCPA go on to study arts at prestigious universities and pursue careers on Broadway, in Hollywood and all facets of the entertainment business. Among the performers who have attended SCPA are actress Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City), actor/director Todd Luiso (High Fidelity, Love Liza), actor Rocky Carroll (NCIS) and singer Nick Lachey.

    Right now, five students Taking the Stage at SCPA are on the cusp of greatness:

    Jasmine is a prima ballerina who dreams of dancing with the famed Alvin Ailey dance troupe. "I want to be one of the best professional dancers of my generation," she says. Jasmine hopes to attend New York performing arts conservatory Juilliard after graduating from SCPA.

    Malik -- Jasmine's best friend -- leads the school's only hip-hop dance group, The Definition. "When I dance," he says, "people notice. I want to inspire." In addition to his formidable dance skills, he is also a talented choreographer and a singer/songwriter.

    Shaakira is a dancer and aspiring actress. "I want to be an all-around entertainer. I have really big dreams," she says. "I will do whatever it takes to be famous." Shaakira is an accomplished ballet dancer -- one of the best SCPA has ever produced -- but prefers hip-hop dance and is an integral member of Malik's team.

    Mia is a singer-songwriter whose talent is matched only by her drive. "My whole life I've had the same goal, to make music and get a record contract by the time that I'm 18," Mia says. "I know I have what it takes to make it happen."

    And, finally, there's Tyler, a gifted hip-hop dancer. Along with his little brother, Chris (also a dancer), he's new to the School for Creative and Performing Arts, and he's about to shake things up. "Dancing is my world; it just comes out of me," he says. "I am hip-hop dance. Hip-hop dance is me."

    Despite being in one of the most creative environments a talented kid could ask for, there are obstacles standing in between them and their dreams of Taking the Stage. In some cases, it's a focus on discipline and perfecting the skills that could lead them to professional careers in the performing arts. Because they are so focused on their goals, a lot of "normal" things like dating or even just hanging out with friends are sacrificed to make time for performances, rehearsals and hours upon hours of practice.

    Still, these face the typical pitfalls of high school -- from the pressures of studying hard to making grades, to navigating the treacherous waters of attraction and young love and dealing with the same insecurities that every teenager faces -- that prove to be substantial stumbling blocks for many.

    The question is, will Jasmine, Malik, Shaakira, Mia and Tyler give their all to chase their dreams? If they do, they'll be Taking the Stage with the confidence of knowing they are among the best at what they do.