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Catch the season finale of Styl'D, where one junior stylist is granted a contract with MMA!

Fashion Tips

Gary talks about the three different ways a woman can dress and why finding a "happy medium" is key.

Styl'd Stars Design A Shirt For truth

Cast members design T-shirts for truth. Which one is your favorite?

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  1. In the season finale, the junior assistants pull out all the stops to prove themselves worthy of the agency contract as they help style The Veronicas and Ashley Tisdale....  Read Full Summary »


  2. While helping to style Twilight New Moon werewolf Alex Meraz in a cemetery for LA Confidential Magazine, Janna walks off the job and risks her standing in the junior assistant program....  Read Full Summary »


  3. Brett fights to win back Julie's trust, Janna suffers an embarrassing accident while helping style Brenda Song and Sean Kingston gets styled for a PETA public service announcement....  Read Full Summary »



  1. The stylists give advice on how to ramp up your personal style.

  2. The stylists discuss the challenges of working in fashion.

  3. Flip through photos of MMA's senior stylists and junior assistants in the agency's showroom.

  1. Watch the cast members design T-shirts for truth. Which is your favorite?

  2. Check out the music video for the Styl'D theme song, "Hot Mess."

  3. Head to the MMA site for more information on the agency!

Songs from the show

    1. Cobra Starship  ‘Hot Mess'

      Theme Song

    1. The A-B Theory  ‘Fatal Flaw Attractions'

    1. The Worsties  ‘Sweatshop'

    1. The Veronicas  ‘4ever'

    1. Faded Paper Figures  ‘The Persuaded'

    1. Cassettes Won't Listen  ‘Siloee'

    1. Ashley Tisdale  ‘It's Alright, It's Okay'

    1. The Invisible Kid  ‘The Taking Away'

    1. Jenny Dalton  ‘Cadence vs. Gore & Shoenbrunn'

    1. Overbreaker  ‘Chemical Reaction'

About Styl'D

  1. This reality series, produced by Bunim-Murray Productions and the Margaret Maldonado Agency, follows the real lives (friendship, love, & career) of five junior assistants as they toil for three glamorous, high-end celebrity stylists. The documentary series follows the young junior assistants on the job -- music videos, movies, red carpets, etc -- and also follows them in their off-hours as they find romance, plot against each other, and try to make it big in a difficult industry, all while living on a meager junior assistant salary -- and all while looking great!

    Each episode includes the styling of famous Hollywood celebrities. The three senior stylists include: Jen Rade (Pink & Amy Winehouse), Eric Archibald (Puffy & Usher), and Julie Weiss (Britney Spears & Eva Longoria).

    Catch what happens when you mix A-list celebrities, high profile stylists, and eager junior stylists all vying for a coveted job with the Margaret Maldonado Agency!