• Alex AppleCast Member
    Alex Apple

    The Nashville native is persuasive and fiercely competitive, even when playing a simple game of Tic-Tac-Toe, and he intends to use these traits during this once-in-a-lifetime experience. A self-described extrovert, the TV reporter (who hopes to report from the White House one day) prides himself on his social skills and believes they will get him far in the game. In addition, he loves to talk about himself and reminds everyone of his high IQ. Can Alex last 40 days in the middle of nowhere with his book smarts and social skills?

  • Alonzo GordonCast Member
    Alonzo Gordon

    Buffalo-based Alonzo is an unconventional mama’s boy. Throughout his life, he watched his mom struggle to keep their family together -- and the clan endured bouts of homelessness. This experience created a strong devotion and admiration for his mother and made him into a true survivor. Alonzo is extremely determined and plans to put his heart and soul into this game. Will his tough past give him the necessary strength to bring home the cash?

  • Ashley MercerCast Member
    Ashley Mercer

    Ashley is a true country tomboy: She grew up in rural Kansas, hunting and fishing with her family. She prefers a gun but is comfortable using a bow to hunt deer. Ashley doesn’t sugarcoat anything, and her main motivation in this game is to pay her parents back for costs associated with her DUI conviction.

  • Bria FlemingCast Member
    Bria Fleming

    The 21-year-old model thinks of herself as a “Black Barbie.” Bria believes that everyone judges her based on her good looks, but this New York native is a tough girl who's out to prove that she can survive no matter what happens. Her main hope is to use the prize to help move her family from a small apartment to a house. The jungle is a long way from the catwalk, but will Bria's rural upbringing and good looks be enough to help her succeed in the wilderness?

  • Chris LacerraCast Member
    Chris Lacerra

    The Massachusetts boy is currently working at his dad’s construction company to save money for college. He's not afraid to speak his mind or show off his athletic skills -- and he is confident that he can intimidate someone with his physical appearance or charm them with his charisma. Will his confidence and athletic ability be enough for him to win his share of the jackpot?

  • Cody DunlapCast Member
    Cody Dunlap

    Texas-born Cody is the ultimate alpha male and a natural leader. A proud member of the Army National Guard, Cody feels that if he tries hard enough he can accomplish anything. Cody boasts that he is “naturally hot” -- but ladies, he's not single. Cody met his girlfriend Autumn on Tinder and believes she's "the one." Since getting along with others is key, will Cody’s cockiness help or hurt him in this game of survival?

  • Eilish RodriguezCast Member
    Eilish Rodriguez

    The youngest of four siblings, Eilish grew up in New Mexico. During high school, she discovered JROTC, where she excelled at team building, reading maps and rope skills. Ten days after her 18th birthday, she married her best friend Nico and together they have a beautiful son Shevo. Eilish says she’s participating on Stranded With a Million Dollars to provide for her family -- so will she be able to walk away victorious for herself and her loved ones?

  • Gina LamCast Member
    Gina Lam

    This party girl works as a cocktail server -- and when she's not at her job, she's partying with her pals and boyfriend. Gina, who comes from a traditional Asian family, is determined to prove to her parents she is not the black sheep and that she can survive in this unique environment. With her family and her military boyfriend putting the pressure on her to get her life on track, will the party girl be able to grow up and thrive overseas?

  • Michael SchuurCast Member
    Michael Schuur

    This competitive Eagle Scout once kayaked 300 miles from Canada to the US. Having grown up in an upper-class family from Northern California, Michael rarely faced discrimination -- but he did experience bullying because of his bisexuality. First thing on Michael’s agenda when he arrives on the island is to figure out which of the contestants will join his “team" -- and he's hoping this will pave the way for a big win down the road.

  • Natalie "Makani" PaulCast Member
    Natalie "Makani" Paul

    Makani is a free spirit who “goes where the wind takes her.” And this self-description is fitting: Her chosen name, “Makani,” translates to “the wind” in Hawaiian. She grew up in Massachusetts, got her GED early and moved west to be an organic farmer. Makani is excited to get to the island to put all of her survival skills to the test -- and she feels that being a vegetarian is going to be her biggest asset. Will her peaceful spirit be affected by the other players and the environment, or will she remain true to the wind?