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  1. P. DiddyP. Diddy

    Courtesy of Bad Boy Entertainment

    Sean Combs is a multifaceted entertainment powerhouse. As the CEO and founder of Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment Group, the 36-year old entrepreneur oversees one of the world's preeminent urban entertainment companies, encompassing a broad range of...   Read More

  2. Kimberly CaldwellKimberly Caldwell

    Michael Becker

    Kimberly Caldwell personifies the phrase 'triple threat,' as a singer, actress and TV personality. You might recognize Kimberly from her time as a contestant on another popular reality singing competition. While music remains Kimberly's true...   Read More

  3. Angel InezAngel Inez

    Michael Becker

    In the past few weeks alone, Angel Inez was fired from her job and evicted from her apartment -- all for pursuing her dream of becoming a star. Then again, she's no stranger to struggle. While her neighborhood friends fell into bad habits, Angel...   Read More

  4. ChristopherJohnChristopherJohn

    Michael Becker

    The youngest P. Diddy's Starmaker artist and a native of Sacramento, California, ChristopherJohn's biggest musical influence is John Mayer, who inspired him to learn how to play the guitar. However, his influences are not limited to rock...   Read More

  5. David BennettDavid Bennett

    Michael Becker

    California beach boy David Bennett desperately wants to become a star so he never has to deliver pizza again. For the past five years, that's how he's been paying the bills. Part dreamer, part realist, David's been playing the drums ever since he...   Read More

  6. David JosephDavid Joseph

    Michael Becker

    The child of two musicians, David Joseph has music in his blood. David sacrificed playing basketball, football and tennis to wholeheartedly pursue a career in music. After his father passed away, David redoubled his efforts, channeling all his pain...   Read More

  7. Jordan Battiste has always dreamed of stardom -- but never thought he'd get there without his friends. A member of a tight-knit band who promised never to go solo, Jordan changed his mind for a shot at the big-time when he got the call from P....   Read More

  8. Lauren ThomasLauren Thomas

    Michael Becker

    Lauren Thomas is only 19-year-old, but believes in her talent so strongly that she recently dropped out of college to make chasing stardom a full-time pursuit. Considering herself America's next pop princess, this confident Detroit native's...   Read More

  9. Lauriana MaeLauriana Mae

    Michael Becker

    Although Lauriana Mae only recently left her job to compete in P. Diddy's Starmaker she says she's felt destiny calling her since she was a child. As a young girl, Lauriana remembers her mother secretly recording her singing, playing it back...   Read More

  10. Liz DavisLiz Davis

    Michael Becker

    Everybody's coming into this competition looking to stand out -- but for Liz Davis, it shouldn't be too difficult. That's because the 21 year-old Mississippi native (who recently set up shop in Tennessee) is the only country singer on the show! So...   Read More

  11. Marissa ShippMarissa Shipp

    Michael Becker

    Not too many 20-year-olds have already married their high school sweethearts but Marissa Shipp is used to standing out. At 15, Marissa got a job so she could pay for the voice lessons she so desperately wanted. Now, she's busy juggling her ambitions...   Read More

  12. Melody AngelMelody Angel

    Michael Becker

    Not many 7-year-olds were fascinated with Prince's Purple Rain movie when it came out, but Chicago native Melody Angel was clearly an exception. With a little help from her mother (and a lot of patience!), she learned to play acoustic guitar by...   Read More

  13. Monet MonicoMonet Monico

    Michael Becker

    At just 18 years old, Monet Monico is the youngest female in the competition. Not that she's about to let that intimidate her. Always the scene-stealer, Monet's been turning heads since she was a little girl, when she first grabbed her mom's...   Read More

  14. Omotayo RileyOmotayo Riley

    Michael Becker

    As the oldest artist in the competition, the pressure's on for Omotayo Riley to stand out and get discovered. Known as "Big Sexy," Omotayo says his greatest strength is his larger-than-life personality. And, naturally, it doesn't hurt that he's a...   Read More

  15. Todd SarviesTodd Sarvies

    Michael Becker

    After working his fair share of 9 to 5 jobs, Todd Sarvies says he's ready to make music his full-time career. And, in a way, music's always been his one true love. After teaching himself how to play guitar in high school, Todd has been writing songs...   Read More

  16. Zach BerkmanZach Berkman

    Michael Becker

    Now that Zach Berkman has received his degree from the prestigious Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music at NYU, he's ready to apply his education to his performances and take the music industry by storm. From audio engineering to songwriting,...   Read More