Sprite Step Off

about Sprite Step Off

Six step teams from across the country are competing for $1.5 Million in scholarships, but more importantly to be crowned the best in the nation. Hip-hop superstar and actor Chris "Ludacris" Bridges hosts this six-part, documentary-style series that follows three fraternities and three sororities from various schools in the United States as they compete in the largest step show competition in history, the Sprite Step Off. The series follows the six step teams after each has successfully passed the first round of eliminations. They are now preparing for the final rounds of the competition with one goal in mind: Out shine the competition and secure a spot in the finals for a chance at the $100,000 prize. Along the way each squad will face seemingly insurmountable odds. Be it strenuous rehearsals, conflicting personalities, concerned parents or balancing work, school and community service schedules, all obstacles threaten to distract the members, which may cost them dearly. Through the eyes of these student performers we follow them across the country for a journey that will prove as interesting as it is entertaining. Amidst constant team eliminations, the stakes are BIG. And so are the personalities. These teams are forced to dig deep, band together as brothers and sisters, and represent their schools and organizations on the final stage in Atlanta, GA. Playtime is over. The showdown is set, and the location is the Sprite Step Off. Watch as these six teams over the course of six fearless episodes "take it one step at a time."