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    Are you ready to party MTV Spring Break style? We take you inside all of the hot spots with special, on-site editions of all your favorite shows....  Read Full Summary

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  1. Will two innocent newbies survive working Spring Break at the world's #1 party bar? Find out here.

  2. Innocent Carly goes for a Spring Break job at Makos, while pals Erik and Alex try their hand at picking up some chics.

  3. A group of students from Michigan travel to Orlando to party at Makos, the ultimate Spring Break hot spot.

  4. Want to see more of what happens at the hottest Spring Break party spot? Check out exclusive never before seen bonus clips.

  5. Three 6 Mafia's Adventures in Spring BreakThree 6 Mafia's Adventures in Spring Break

    DJ Paul and Juicy J take three USC song girls with them when they travel down to Mexico for Spring Break.

  6. Find out what really happened on Spring Break with our exclusive interview, plus get a bonus performance of "Stay Fly".

  7. Svetlana reveals all the stuff that you didn't see on TV, gives us a VIP tour of her bedroom and more.

  8. Rich Boy stops by Spring Break edition of Nick Cannon's Wild 'N Out to perform his smash "Throw Some D's."

  9. Mims lights up the Wild 'N Out stage when he performs his hits "This Is Why I'm Hot" and "Just Like That."

  10. While Blake searches for the perfect Spring Break hook up, Tatyana is looking for her perfect mister hottie.

  11. Find out how these Spring Breakers stayed off the bus and where these new couples might be headed.

  12. Jessica promises she's not going to tolerate any wimps on her Spring Break, plus Lorenzo's looking for a girl who knows how to drive stick.

  13. Jessica and Ted plan a second game of spin the bottle, plus get in on more of the girl talk that didn't you didn't see.

  14. Zack is on Spring Break and looking for the girl of his dreams, while Tiffanie has one rule: it takes skin to win.

  15. The girls on the bus practice their best Spring Break booty-shaking while Zack and Tifanie share their first impressions of each other

  16. Spring Break Next (Karl and Lindsay)Spring Break Next (Karl and Lindsay)

    Karl is looking for the perfect stud to spend his Spring Break with, while Lindsay is on the hunt for a guy with a big brain.

  17. Check out never before seen Spring Break bonus clips.

  18. Check out some of the juiciest moments from the Spring Break edition of MTV Exposed.

  19. Check out these never-before-seen moments, including a final goodbye from Danielle to Justin.

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    Watch On Demand. Find MTV in cable system's VOD menu and let Spring Break live on.

About Spring Break 2007

  1. Are you ready to party MTV Spring Break style? We take you inside all of the hot spots with special, on-site editions of all your favorite shows. Plus we turn the hip-hop heat up on Sucker Free and Wild N' Out by bringing them down to Cancun and putting them right on the front lines.

    Look for sizzlin' hot performers like Fergie, Akon, Young Jeezy, Gym Class Heroes and more as they take the stage and bring down the house Spring Break style! With daily updates including exclusive bonus performances, playlists and Spring Break special editions be sure to check back as often as you can to stay in the know!