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As Cory prepares for his first showcase, he's also forced to deal with his broken relationship with his mother.

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Peter confides in Cory after the fight with Ed, and the father-son duo talk about growing up in the Bronx.

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Nick lets Dollie have a turn at the mic during Cory's studio time.

Ed Woods Interview

Ed talks about what his current relationship is like with Cory and Peter.

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  1. The MTV.com cameras were rolling at the cast photo shoot. Check out what went down now!

  2. Check out the trailer for 'Son Of A Gun,' premiering Thursday April 28 at 11/10c.

  3. Get to know Cory Gunz and his friends, family and management team.

Songs from the show

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    1. Gym Class Heroes  ‘Papercuts'

    1. T.I.  ‘24's'

    1. Cory Gunz  ‘Straight Drop'

    1. Cory Gunz  ‘My Name'

    1. Cory Gunz  ‘A Milli'


About Son Of A Gun

  1. Son Of A Gun is a reality series about the tough decisions and hard work it takes to make it in the unique world of music; a raw and untamed look behind the scenes of an industry so many know, but few understand.

    Cory Gunz, a rapper who previously had two major record deals with Casablanca and Def Jam, is getting his last big shot in the hard-knock world of hip-hop. The son of previously famed Peter Gunz is primed to take his career to places his father was never able to go. Before his journey can begin, Cory must overcome some major problems with family and business that seem to be bubbling at the surface. First up is choosing which record label to go with and then how to assemble the team around him.

    However, in this industry, the lines between family, friends and business can easily be blurred. This is his last chance to show and prove that he has what it takes. In the end, this journey will be one he has to complete on his own.

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