Songs from the show

    1. 3D Friends  ‘Lina Magic'

      Theme Song (click "MP3" for free download!)

    1. Darkstar  ‘Dear Heartbeat'

    1. Starscream  ‘Gravity In Terms Of Space-Time'

    1. Starscream  ‘Kepler's Star Catalog'

    1. Caveman  ‘December 28th'

    1. Figurines  ‘Free Today'

    1. Man Man  ‘Piranhas Club'

    1. Lionshare  ‘Me & Mandy'

    1. Valleys  ‘Tan Lines'

    1. Hooray For Earth  ‘Surrounded By Your Friends'

    1. Little Tybee  ‘Holding Stones'

    1. Guido  ‘Shades Of Blue'

    1. Fat Segal  ‘Elgrin'

    1. Fat Segal  ‘Silly Billy Borg'

    1. Starscream  ‘Shout (feat. Danny Flaherty & Britne Oldford)'

    1. Sophie Barker  ‘Say Goodbye'