Songs from the show

    1. 3D Friends  ‘Lina Magic'

      Theme Song (click "MP3" for free download!)

    1. Unsolved Mysteries  ‘You Only Live Once'

    1. The Delta Mirror  ‘It Was Dark And I Welcome The Calm'

    1. Rokhsan  ‘Your Time'

    1. Valleys  ‘Ordinary Dream'

    1. Baths  ‘Heart'

    1. Segal  ‘Zombie In My House'

    1. Segal  ‘Changing The Guard'

    1. Netsky  ‘Secret Agent'

    1. Rusko  ‘Hold On (feat. Amber Coffman)'

    1. Night Eyes  ‘If Your Head Is Empty'

    1. Kowalski  ‘Letters From The Height Of Summer (Dear Bird)'

    1. Starkey  ‘Stars (feat. Anneka)'

    1. Critic  ‘Synesthesia'

    1. Fiasco  ‘You Can Walk The Walk, But Can You Drive The Car?'

    1. Sherlock's Daughter  ‘In The End'

    1. Phantogram  ‘You Are The Ocean'

    1. Many Colors  ‘Peaks And Valleys'

    1. CHLLNGR  ‘May 3'

    1. Wave Machines  ‘Keep The Lights On'