Songs from the show

    1. 3D Friends  ‘Lina Magic'

      Theme Song (click "MP3" for free download!)

    1. Young Man  ‘Home Alone'

    1. The Do  ‘Playground Hustle'

    1. Keepaway  ‘Evil Lady'

    1. Aceyalone  ‘Jungle Muzik'

    1. Mexicans With Guns  ‘Death And Rebirth'

    1. Friendly Ghosts  ‘Pleasure'

    1. STRFKR  ‘Millions'

    1. Grandchildren  ‘Heartbreaker'

    1. Snuffy  ‘Kitchen Song'

    1. Jesse Woods  ‘Sparks'

    1. Lionshare  ‘Trip To Feza'

    1. Aquadrop  ‘Champion Dub'

    1. Pepper Rabbit  ‘Older Brother'

    1. The Girls  ‘So Long, So Tired'

    1. Drink Up Buttercup  ‘Sosey And Dosey'

    1. The Parish Festival  ‘Well I Never'

    1. Pepper Rabbit  ‘Reprise'

    1. Young Man  ‘Up So Fast'