Songs from the show

    1. 3D Friends  ‘Lina Magic'

      Theme Song (click "MP3" for free download!)

    1. Miniature Tigers  ‘Dark Tower'

    1. Bear In Heaven  ‘Lovesick Teenagers'

    1. Houses  ‘Soak It Up'

    1. Kryptic Minds  ‘Badman'

    1. Lucius  ‘8 Birds'

    1. Superthriller  ‘Luxury Mood'

    1. Mesita  ‘Excited For The Future'

    1. Superhumanoids  ‘Cranial Contest'

    1. Miniature Tigers  ‘Egyptian Robe'

    1. Freddie Gibbs  ‘Str8 Killa No Filla'

    1. Sherri London  ‘Relax'

    1. Stevie Wonder  ‘All In Love Is Fair'

    1. Fiasco  ‘Steve Herman'

    1. Phantogram  ‘Mouthful Of Diamonds'

    1. Miniature Tigers  ‘Rock N' Roll Mountain Troll'

    1. A Classic Education  ‘I Lost Time'

    1. Depressed Buttons  ‘Mighty Putty'

    1. The Delta Mirror  ‘He Was Worse Than The Needle He Gave You'

    1. Junkie XL  ‘Artificial Intelligence'

    1. Houses  ‘All Night'