Songs from the show

    1. 3D Friends  ‘Lina Magic'

      Theme Song (click "MP3" for free download!)

    1. Aquadrop  ‘It's Me'

    1. Men  ‘Off Our Backs'

    1. My Toys Like Me  ‘Mice'

    1. The Uniques  ‘My Conversation'

    1. Miniature Tigers  ‘Tropical Birds'

    1. Au Revoir Simone  ‘We Are Here'

    1. The Council Flats of Kingsbury  ‘Frolicking in the Suburbs'

    1. Young Man  ‘Playtime'

    1. Phantogram  ‘Let Me Go'

    1. Miracles Club  ‘Church Song'

    1. Young Man  ‘Bed Time'

    1. Auzriel Prod. By Felix Snow  ‘Through It All'

    1. Nottee  ‘Vulpita'

    1. Night Eyes  ‘Viscera'

    1. Aluna George  ‘Disobey'

    1. Nottee  ‘I'd Give You All The Best'

    1. Aquadrop  ‘Tunnel'

    1. Men  ‘Boom Boom Boom'

    1. Phaeleh  ‘Fallen Light'

    1. Aquadrop  ‘No Hay Banda'