Nick Cannon: Short Circuitz

about Nick Cannon: Short Circuitz

Nick Cannon pushed the envelope with "Wild N' Out" and it was a hit, so we asked for more. Does that make us geniuses or just crazy? Either way, what he's come up with now is gonna make you laugh. "Nick Cannon Presents Short Circuitz" is made up of the same innovative and explosive comedy that's makes "Wild N' Out" so addictive and hilarious. But instead of one-liners and improv raps, Nick's brought in a crew to deliver the laughs in a rapid-fire collection of fake TV Shows, phony news reports, off-the-wall commercial parodies, dead-on celebrity impressions and much more in what Nick calls, "A.D.D. TV." Nick has starred in plenty of television and movies (including Nickelodeon's award-winning "The Nick Cannon Show", 2002's "Drumline" and 2006's "Bobby" among many others). That's why he's been given free reign as the creator, producer and star of "Short Circuitz". But Nick's not fool enough to think he can do it alone. "Short Circuitz" features a cast made up of some of the hottest comedy players out there. Making it pop will be guest appearances by some of today's biggest stars. In the first season alone, expect to see the likes of Ice-T, Snoop Dogg, Lil Jon, Nas and Paris Hilton, among others. Heading up Nick's "Short Circuitz" cast is freestyle rapper/sketch comedian/actor Affion Crockett, who has been seen in "Miss Congeniality 2", "Charlie's Angels" and HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm"; sketch comedian/actor Taran Killam, a veteran of Fox's "MADtv" and the film "Naked Gun 33 and a Half"; and Leonard Robinson, an improv comedian with a knack for hilarious impersonations that he has honed as a performer with sketch comedy troupes The Groundlings and Upright Citizens Brigade. Also on board is Cannon's "Wild N Out" cohort Mikey Day, a sketch comedian vet of Damon Wayans' Showtime show "The Underground"; comedian/actor Eliza Coupe, who appeared in the Chris Rock movie "I Think I Love My Wife", and comic/actor Katt Williams, who has been seen on television in "Wild N Out" and "The Tracy Morgan Show", and had a scene stealing role in the Eddie Murphy film "Norbitt". "Short Circuitz" promises outrageous takes on celebrities, music, pop culture and current events. There's simply nothing that Nick and his crew won't go after ... and then mock the hell out of it.