• Allanon, played by Manu BennettCharacter
    Allanon, played by Manu Bennett

    Allanon is a wise and perceptive Druid…and the last of his kind. He knows something incredibly important has begun when the Ellcrys tree begins to die, and recruits Wil to help.

  • Amberle, played by Poppy DraytonCharacter
    Amberle, played by Poppy Drayton

    Amberle is the first female member to be accepted into The Chosen, an elite group of elves responsible for the protection of the Ellcrys tree. When the Ellcrys begins to die, she realizes her latest induction is only the beginning of a dangerous journey.

  • Ander, played by Aaron JakubenkoCharacter
    Ander, played by Aaron Jakubenko

    The Elven Prince must put his party-boy reputation on hold to help his niece, Amberle, train as a member of the Chosen.

  • Eretria, played by Ivana BaqueroCharacter
    Eretria, played by Ivana Baquero

    Raised by a group of thieves called The Rovers, Eretria has been taught to use her looks and wit to survive. After rescuing Wil from danger, she stumbles into Wil and Amberle’s journey to save the Four Lands.

  • King Eventine, played by John Rhys-DaviesCharacter
    King Eventine, played by John Rhys-Davies

    Flanked by his sons Ander and Arion, King Eventine has ruled over the Elven kingdom of Arborlon for decades. When his beloved granddaughter Amberle is selected as a member of the Chosen, his path is changed as well.

  • Wil, played by Austin ButlerCharacter
    Wil, played by Austin Butler

    After learning he is the last son of the legendary Shannara family, the half-human half-elf gets recruited to revive the Ellcrys tree and livelihood of the Four Lands.