Sex…with Mom and Dad

about Sex…with Mom and Dad

Dr. Drew's groundbreaking series on MTV, Sex...with Mom and Dad, is back for a second season to help 20 more teens, and their parents, get to the root of their problems when it comes to the taboo topic of sex. With more emotional stories, tougher tasks, and a new look that incorporates vintage sex education footage, this season takes sex ed -- and family communication -- to a whole new level. The families in crisis range from a 17-year-old virgin whose parents are worried that he's not interested in sex; to a 16 --year-old girl with a "slut" reputation whose family wants to stage an intervention; to a 19-year-old whose parents worry that his strong sexual appetite -- sometimes even trading sex for money and tacos -- is ruining his life; to a teen who wants her mom to understand that her bisexuality isn't just a phase; to a hook-up artist whose collection of "sex buddies" has mom at her breaking point. Whatever the family's problem, Loveline's relationship expert and licensed physician, Dr. Drew, dives into the issues during three intense counseling sessions and two unusual, "hands on" homework assignments that get the whole family to start communicating about sex -- often for the first time. And, after the show, if viewers want any additional information on sexual health topics, Sex...with Mom and Dad will once again be pairing up with to provide videos, articles, and discussion forums on sexual health. Real, fun, awkward, life-changing, and more dramatic than ever, Sex...with Mom and Dad proves that if you can talk to your parents about sex, you can talk to them about anything.