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Dan gives advice on becoming "FBO," coming out to a conservative relative and he receives his most shocking sex question yet while visiting Texas Tech University.

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Dan covers how to let a guy down easy and the truth about bi-sexuality.

Dan Answers Your Questions!

Dan answers questions about sex and relationships from celebrities and Facebook fans!

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Look back at the most unforgettable moments from season 1 of 'Savage U.'

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Head to the MTV Soundtrack Blog to hear the artists, like the New Cassettes, featured in episodes of 'Savage U.'

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  1. Dan and Lauren head down to Texas Tech University, where riding a cowboy and wrangling a...  Read Full Summary »


  2. Party hard, work harder -- that's the motto at Cornell University, Dan and Lauren's...  Read Full Summary »


  3. Dan and Lauren head to the West Coast to see how the So-Cal students at the University...  Read Full Summary »



  1. Dan answers questions about sex and relationships from celebrities and Facebook fans!

  2. Get your weekly (sex) life lesson from Dan Savage right here!

  3. Check out the funniest, most outrageous things said and heard in this week's episode of Savage U.

  1. Check out an exclusive interview where Dan Savage talks about his new series, "Savage U".

  2. The free, easy way to explore every method of birth control, courtesy of The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.

  3. Learn more about the artists featured in episodes of 'Savage U' on the MTV Soundtrack Blog.

About Savage U

  1. Dan Savage, sex-advice columnist extraordinaire, is joining forces with MTV on a cross-country tour - visiting college campuses and answering students' most personal questions about sex, dating, and relationships.

    Savage U follows Dan as he drives into university towns across the U.S. answering ANY question with humor and brutal honesty. Along with his trusty sidekick, Lauren, and his popular Q&A lecture, Dan will hit the streets of each campus, ready to get a real feel for what makes each school's sex and relationship culture unique. From the student center to nighttime hot spots, Dan will talk to students about what really goes on between the stacks, who's hooking up and who's holding back. And he'll give one-on-one advice and listen to students' unique questions, concerns, and curiosities about sex and relationships.

    From the serious to the silly -- no topic is taboo, too kinky or too conservative. Get ready for the REAL Sex Ed...

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