The Real World/Road Rules Battle Of The Sexes

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about The Real World/Road Rules Battle Of The Sexes

Each year, the Real World/Road Rules Challenge just keeps getting bigger and better. This year we brought 18 guys and 18 girls from past seasons of The Real World and Road Rules to the beautiful island of Jamaica to compete in the Battle of the Sexes. Over the course of the season, they will be competing against each other and eliminating the competition from the game. The highest scoring person of each competition will receive the "Ion Lifesaver." The Ion Lifesaver can be given to any other competitor to prevent them from being sent home. After each competition, the three highest-ranking guys and girls will form the Inner Circles. They will eliminate one person from their same-sex team until only three guys and three girls are left standing. Those male and female teams will enter into a Battle of the Sexes final competition for a jackpot of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars--that's fifty thousand dollars for each winner!