Songs from the show

    1. Chucky Preston  ‘Touch Ya Body'

    1. Watt White  ‘Beat You'

    1. B.R.A.M.  ‘Call Me Up'

    1. Doublethink  ‘Going Nowhere'

    1. Blue Stahli  ‘East'

    1. Doublethink  ‘California Doll'

    1. A Day To Remember  ‘My Life For Hire'

    1. Love She Wrote  ‘Outlaw Josey Wales'

    1. The High Court  ‘After The Climax'

    1. Bob Guiney Band  ‘Down To Earth'

    1. Ben Kopec  ‘Discharge'

    1. Ben Kopec  ‘New Face Of Rock and Roll'

    1. Making April  ‘So Bad'

    1. Secret Lives of the Freemasons  ‘Dirty Laundry'

    1. Vice Grip  ‘Your Girlfriend's Ringtone'

    1. Stereofix  ‘Warning Sign'

    1. Matt Yoakum  ‘Get Over You'

    1. Atreyu  ‘Shameful'

    1. Celldweller  ‘Surgical'