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  1. TJ Lavin, the host for your favorite MTV show, the RW/RR Challenge, is so much more than meets the eye. He's got 8 challenges under his belt and is looking forward to hosting his 9th. When he's not hosting The Challenge, he's crushing the dirt on...   Read More »

  2. Arguably the strongest woman to ever play the game, Evelyn is one fierce competitor. In her debut on Fresh Meat, Evelyn didn't last long, but made quite the impression. Evelyn returned to the Challenge and became a part of the winning...   Read More »

  3. Road Rules veteran Ibis has been focusing on her education and recently earned her Masters degree. This smarty pants may rule the classroom, but it has been a while since she has been on a Challenge. As a part of the winning Rookies...   Read More »

  4. Since her debut on The Gauntlet, Katie has gained a reputation for being one of the most explosive personalities to ever take part in a Challenge. However, this pint-sized firecracker is recently engaged and claims to have calmed down....   Read More »

  5. Never one to settle down, Johanna has been living in England because, as she puts it, "I love English accents and I love English boys!" This sassy Real World: Austin drama queen is more known for her feisty attitude than for her athleticism....   Read More »

  6. Blonde-haired, blue-eyed and squeaky clean on the surface, Susie used her smarts to make it to the end on Gauntlet 3, despite having her entire team against her. Since then, Susie has been working on her PhD in religious studies at the...   Read More »

  7. We first met Tonya during The Real World: Chicago, where she captivated us with her unpredictable personality and troubled past. Always provocative, Tonya has had many memorable moments on her eight Challenge seasons, from throwing...   Read More »

  8. Smart, sexy, and undeniably sly, Veronica is one of the most cunning competitors to ever play the game. Yet, it has been years since this crafty contender has been on a Challenge and the game has only become more cutthroat. In Thailand, she...   Read More »

  9. Perhaps the most winning man in Challenge history, Darrell has never lost one of these things and does not intend to start now. This hot-blooded boxer likes to stay under the radar until the time is right and then come out swinging. A...   Read More »

  10. Derrick may be one of the smallest players, but he has a heart that cannot be matched and constantly surprises everyone with his fierce athleticism and intensity on the field. When it comes to strategy and manipulation, Derrick prefers to sit back...   Read More »

  11. He took home the $100,000 grand prize on The Duel 2 and now Evan will try and do it once again on The Ruins. A master strategist, this charming Canadian has perfected the art of smiling in your face, while stabbing you in the back. Not...   Read More »

  12. Once the sweetheart from The Real World: Key West, Johnny has transformed himself into the outspoken, controversial, "Johnny Bananas." This self-proclaimed "godfather" of The Island has the chops to compete and the mind to manipulate,...   Read More »

  13. Jersey stud Kenny was last seen winning not only the grand prize of The Island, but also the heart of Wes'
    ex-fiancé, Johanna. Since being a part of the winning team on The Island, Kenny claims to have been "changing the lives of...   Read More »

  14. Boston Real World-er Syrus has been busy since we last saw him on Gauntlet 2, dabbling in many business ventures -- everything from a clothing line to video games to a dog walking service. Syrus may be the oldest player on The...   Read More »

  15. Since winning The Duel, Wes has put his record breaking prize of $125,000 to good use, going back to school and double majoring in marketing and entrepreneurial management. Another big change for Wes has been the end of his engagement to...   Read More »

  16. Challenge newcomer Brianna showed off her stuff in The Real World: Hollywood, where she displayed a talent for singing, along with a quick temper. A former stripper who made it to the top 44 on the fifth season of American Idol,...   Read More »

  17. The last time we saw Casey, she was naked, jumping out of Johnny's bedroom window, after having been caught in a compromising position during Gauntlet 3. Since then, Casey has been finishing up school at the Fashion Institute of Los Angeles...   Read More »

  18. Diem first won our hearts during Fresh Meat when she revealed that she was fighting ovarian cancer. While she didn't win that Challenge, she did prove victorious in her battle with cancer and returned to The Duel, where she...   Read More »

  19. Bold, outspoken and funny as hell, KellyAnne may not seem like Challenge material at first glance. But this Real World: Sydney hottie is no push over and never backs down from a fight. On The Island, KellyAnne stood up for...   Read More »

  20. Making her debut on The Duel 2, Kimberly proved herself a force to be reckoned with when she defeated Challenge legend, Ruthie. Although she failed to make it to the end, Kim did manage to walk away with a consolation prize -- Dunbar...   Read More »

  21. Newcomer Sarah claims that her main reason for joining the cast of The Real World: Brooklyn was so she could eventually compete in a Challenge. Sarah is a self-proclaimed "social outcast" who graduated high school early and spent time...   Read More »

  22. Since we last saw journalism-major Shauvon, she has been writing a book about dating and relationships, but is still single. While Shauvon was the first girl eliminated during The Duel 2, she made quite an impression after an alleged hookup...   Read More »

  23. Adam was last seen trading bloody punches with CT on The Duel 2, in a fight he calls one of the biggest mistakes of his life. Having been eliminated for fighting before the game even started, Los Angeles native Adam is eager to show that he...   Read More »

  24. Since we last saw him on The Duel 2, where he earned a second place finish, Brad has been enjoying his life at home with fellow Challenge alum and fiancé, Tori. Handsome, goofy, and lovable, Real World: San Diego standout Brad...   Read More »

  25. A lovable country bumpkin that we first met in The Real World: Sydney, Cohutta charmed his way into KellyAnne's heart, but their romance quickly ended after returning home. On The Island, Cohutta proved that while they were no longer...   Read More »

  26. A Mormon from Salt Lake City, Utah, with four brothers and five sisters, Challenge newcomer Chet made quite an impression on The Real World: Brooklyn. Chet worked nonstop at pursuing his dream of becoming a VJ while in New York and...   Read More »

  27. Danny has been happily married to fellow Challenge veteran, Melinda, for just over a year, after a courtship that began from the moment they first saw each other on The Real World: Austin. Danny has earned himself a reputation as a...   Read More »

  28. We last saw Dunbar engaging a bizarre love triangle with Paula and Kimberly on The Duel 2, while continuing to struggle with his feelings for his girlfriend at home. In Thailand, Dunbar returns to the Challenge a single man. This...   Read More »

  29. After an injured hand led to a quick exit from The Duel 2, Nick is back and looking for a longer stay on his second Challenge. Born in Jamaica and raised in New Rochelle, New York, Nick joined The Real World:
    Hollywood after...   Read More »