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  1. Twenty challengers stepped on the island a few weeks ago, not knowing what they were getting into. Alliances formed and challengers quit when the conditions got too tough to handle. The Islanders are about to depart but only eight of them will be......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Get a glimpse of the action that went down behind-the-scenes when the challengers reunited.


  2. When the tables turn on the alliance again, key holders get scared and scramble to bury old hatchets and make new alliances before the final boat race to the 300,000 dollar prize.


  3. Get the juiciest moments from the season finale and watch the winners claim their 300,000 dollars.


About Episode

  1. Twenty challengers stepped on the island a few weeks ago, not knowing what they were getting into. Alliances formed and challengers quit when the conditions got too tough to handle. The Islanders are about to depart but only eight of them will be seated on a boat on their way to the other island. Who will win the $300,000 and who will be going home empty handed?

    The final face-off will be a chance for all of the challengers who don't have keys to win a challenge and steal a key at the last moment. With Evelyn as one of the competitors without a key, the alliance is pretty sure that Evelyn will win the face-off and take away Johnny's key.

    Kenny decides to work it out between Evelyn and Johnny to agree on making peace. If Evelyn doesn't take away Johnny's key, both Johnny and Kenny will agree to put Evelyn in their boat for the final race to the other island. Evelyn is realistic about her spot in the game and is willing to bury the hatchet, but Johnny is more concerned about his pride.

    Paula is the second alliance member to reach out to Evelyn, and wants to also keep Evelyn in her boat. All of the key holders are nervous about keeping their keys and want Dan to win the face-off to save the alliance. Johnny tells Dan that he has to stay sober in order to stay focus and beat Evelyn.

    At the face-off, "Water Bound," Dan, Evelyn, KellyAnne and Johanna will compete for the last key. The competitors will have their ankles tied together and will jump into the water holding weights in their hands. Then the competitors will have to allow themselves to sink to the bottom of the water and then propel themselves up for breathe and then sink back down again. Whoever is the last one standing wins the face-off and a $3,000 gift card to Shell.

    All four challengers jump into the water and once Dan touches the bottom of the water he lets go of one of his weights. Admitting to being paranoid about drowning, Dan felt that he had no air to breathe and eliminated himself from the face-off. On the second round, KellyAnne lets go of her weights which leaves Johanna and Evelyn to compete. Then Johanna loses one of her weights, giving Evelyn the win.

    At this point, Johnny thinks his key is good as gone but Kenny refuses to give up on Evelyn. Kenny talks to Evelyn and swears that he would take Evelyn over Paula in his boat, but Evelyn isn't convinced.

    Johnny Bananas finally decides to swallow his pride and talk to Evelyn himself about her key choice. Johnny apologizes for any hard feelings Evelyn may have toward him but Evelyn is still unsure about his promises. Back in the hut, Dunbar takes Evelyn aside and tries to convince her that only he and Derrick respect Evelyn as a competitor.

    At elimination, Johnny dismisses Johanna, Dan and KellyAnne from the group so Evelyn can announce her decision. Evelyn takes her position near host TJ Lavin and the tables are turned with the rest of the group has to give their plea to Evelyn to stay in the game. When it's Johnny's turn to speak to Evelyn he once again reiterates that he's sorry for any heartache he has caused.

    With all of the pleas heard from the group by Evelyn, she begins to explain what has led her to her decision. Evelyn acknowledges the alliance and says that Paula has been the only one genuine to her which narrows down her decision to Johnny and Dunbar. Evelyn said that she wants to put aside her feelings for Johnny and takes Dunbar's key.

    After Dunbar leaves the group, TJ announces that the remaining eight players must immediately place themselves into the two groups of four. Those two groups will each take a boat and sail to the other island to fight for the $300,000.

    When Paula realizes that the three alliance boys want Evelyn in their boat instead of her, she feels betrayed and openly yells at them for going behind her back. The red boat is Kenny, Evelyn, Johnny and Derrick and the blue boat is Ryan, Robin, Paula and Jenn.

    Back at the hut, Paula is still brewing over the boys' decision to take Evelyn over her and Dunbar is upset with losing his key. The teams go to their boats to plan how they will sail and Dunbar decides to help out the blue team.

    The next morning, the final airdrop arrives and Derrick and Evelyn swim out to retrieve the final pieces to the boats. The airdrop box is opened and the race begins between the two teams to get their boats finished and in the water. Dunbar continues to help out Paula's team, allowing the team to complete their boater quicker than Johnny has hoped.

    The red team completes their boat first and gets into the water before the other team. Both teams have trouble with fighting the current and soon enough it becomes a very tight race.

    Johnny makes a wrong move and nearly tips over his boat while the blue team closes in on them. Suddenly, the blue team's sail starts to come apart and they have to paddle without it.

    Johnny and his team are the first to reach the other island and are greeted by host TJ Lavin. They use their keys to unlock the treasure chest and claim themselves as the winners of The Island. Derrick, Johnny, Kenny and Evelyn grab their $300,000 and celebrate their victory.