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  1. With the boat race to the $300,000 treasure chest looming over their heads, The Real Worlders and Road Rulers are scrambling to recover from a new twist in the game. The alliance is now in fear of being broken down with Evelyn now holding Johnny's......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Get a double sneak peek of next week's episode when Ryan judges the boys' best assets and Robin struggles with her spot in the alliance.


  2. Get the dirt on what went down in episode 6 with our 'Island' recap.


  3. The alliance takes back their strong hold on the game and officially crowns Johnny as the Island King.


About Episode

  1. With the boat race to the $300,000 treasure chest looming over their heads, The Real Worlders and Road Rulers are scrambling to recover from a new twist in the game. The alliance is now in fear of being broken down with Evelyn now holding Johnny's key. It's a fight for keys and a chance to get into a face-off one last time before the boat sets sail.

    Cohutta and KellyAnne are still getting cozy, especially after nearly losing KellyAnne in a face-off in the beginning of the challenge. But these two are focused on winning that $300,000 and are staying friends for now. For Robin and Dan, alcohol could get in the way as Dan continues to be the entertainment for the group while Robin just wants her island buddy to stay sober.

    The change in the game has set a spark for a new alliance on The Island. Evelyn, KellyAnne, Cohutta, Colie and Jenn have come together to beat Johnny's alliance. That leaves Derrick, Robin and Dan in the middle. Robin is ready to play both sides and intends to look out for just herself for the rest of the game.

    Johnny has his alliance ready to back him up in his next move to take his key back from Evelyn. Johnny has to continue to control the votes in order to stay in the challenge and get his alliance on the boat. Johnny plans on getting into the next face-off to take back his key, but Cohutta is also thinking of jumping into the face-off for the first time.

    Dan has a talk with Robin about his drinking and how it's affecting her. Not only is his drinking hurting him, but Robin tells him it's affecting everyone around him. Robin may want to be more than friends but Dan has to get himself together for their relationship to grow.

    Swing vote Derrick was approached by not only Johnny but now Evelyn is coming to him to join her alliance. Derrick is unsure if he should go against Johnny and ruin his chances in the game by siding with Evelyn.

    One night Robin confesses the details of a rendez-vous with Dan to some of the other challengers, not knowing that it would get back to Dan. Outraged by the accusations made by Robin about his manhood, Dan yells at Robin front of the group about backstabbing him. Robin admits to saying such things about Dan, but doesn't really take any of it seriously. Dan tells Robin that she's "dead" to him, and Robin walks away upset despite the rest of the group chanting for Dan to take back his words.

    The U.S. Army sends another airdrop to the challengers and they hope for more food that is different from rice. The airdrop is opened and the house now has meat and another phone with just 10 minutes of talk time. After Derrick calls home to his pregnant wife, he checks out the boat with Cohutta and the two agree to stick together until the end.

    Johnny and Kenny talk about their alliance and Evelyn's plan to ruin everything they've built since they've stepped on the beach. Johnny has faith, but he won't go down without a fight.

    Host TJ Lavin stops by the house and tells the group it's time to choose who will go into the face-off. Ryan, Cohutta, Johnny and KellyAnne nominate themselves for the face-off as soon as the talks begin. To the group's surprise, Derrick nominates himself for the face-off even though he already has a key and his position in the game is seen as solid according to the other competitors. Derrick says that he wants to go into the face-off for the chance of winning a pizza or getting another price, but really it's to help Johnny win his key back. The group votes in Cohutta, Johnny and Derrick to the next face-off.

    The day of the face-off has Cohutta, Johnny and Derrick playing "Rat in a Cage." The guys will be locked inside the cages and have to get four colored keys that match up with the four colored locks to set themselves free. Each key is connected to an object such as a steel spiral corkscrew or a coconut. The winner gets a chance to get a key and also wins a Fujitsu Lifebook U810 Notebook, along with a Maxtor OneTouch Mini Hard Drive.

    The group believes that Cohutta will win the face-off since it depends on smarts and patience. Derrick and Johnny struggle with getting their keys but take over the face-off when Cohutta drops a key off the bamboo pole. Johnny is the first to break free from the cage and rings the bell to claim himself as the winner.

    Back at the house, Johnny and KellyAnne find themselves spending more time with each other and set aside their differences. Evelyn thinks that Johnny is only befriending KellyAnne to ruin Evelyn's alliance and refuses to give in to Johnny.

    At elimination, Derrick is the first to give his plea to group and says that this will probably be his last challenge and the money will help out his now growing family. Cohutta steps in and says that both him and Derrick are excellent competitors but he still hopes to stay on The Island. The group votes and every challenger but KellyAnne decides to send Cohutta home.

    Johnny comes down to stand next to TJ to announce which key he'll be taking and it is no surprise that he takes back his key from Evelyn. Before he takes back his key, he tells Evelyn that his alliance isn't all big and bad and she should watch what she says.

    At the house, KellyAnne is upset over seeing Cohutta leaving and the alliance celebrates Johnny Bananas' victory. Evelyn is furious over how the game has turned out and resorts to tearing about part of the kitchen to express her anger.

    The alliance has taken charge of The Island once again, but will there be another twist of events to take them by surprise?