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  1. As the days tick by, The Real Worlders and Road Rulers wonder what else The Island has in store for them now that all eight keys have been handed out. The competitors are at the edge of their seats wondering what new rules will be thrown at them......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Robin reveals to the rest of the group a secret which pushes Dan over the edge.


  2. The rules are always changing on 'The Island' and the alliance can no longer ignore Evelyn.


  3. On this week's 'Exposed' Kenny talks about his bedroom decor and Paula has something she would like to say to Evelyn.


About Episode

  1. As the days tick by, The Real Worlders and Road Rulers wonder what else The Island has in store for them now that all eight keys have been handed out. The competitors are at the edge of their seats wondering what new rules will be thrown at them by host TJ Lavin.

    After another night on the island, Johnny is bored with the usual activities that everyone tries to keep themselves busy with. Looking for some fun, Johnny starts to chase Paula around with the "maggot stick." Somehow, the stick ends up in Evelyn's bed, which wakes her up and sends her on the hunt for Johnny.

    Evelyn confronts Johnny with a potentially dangerous telescope thrown over her shoulder, but Johnny insists that he didn't do anything. The ensuing fight only adds fuel to Evelyn's fire and she wants to go up against Johnny in a face-off to settle their dispute once and for all.

    The Islanders look forward to the next airdrop in hopes of getting more food -- particularly meat -- along with pieces of the boat. To the boys' dismay, the airdrop only brings veggies. But it also has a map for a scavenger hunt. The group finds two boxes at the end of the hunt that includes vital pieces to the boat and directions on how to build it.

    Later, in the kitchen, the girls try to create a meal with the food they've just received, but Dunbar has other plans. Since Dunbar is dying for some protein, he doesn't want the girls to cook the food just yet.

    After the boys fight with the girls over the food, Johnny takes a look at the map and sees there is still a third box to be found. Hoping there's meat in it, he keeps quiet about the box until he talks to Dunbar and Kenny about secretly retrieving it. After the sun sets, Johnny and Kenny dig for two hours to find the box. Unfortunately, it only has a rope inside. They bring back the supplies and are quickly forgiven for not telling anyone about their secret hunt.

    The next day, TJ Lavin shows up on the island to announce that the group has to nominate three people who will be up for elimination. The winner will receive a key, but gives no other hint to what new rules could come into play. Once again, Evelyn tries to nominate herself, but the group goes back and forth about whether or not it should be an all-male face-off. It is finally decided that Evelyn, Tyrie and Dan will compete against each other.

    When it's time for the face-off, The Islanders learn that the winner will get a key because they're going to steal a key away from a current keyholder. Johnny's alliance starts to question their decision to let Evelyn get a chance at taking away one of their keys. Evelyn talks with Johnny and his alliance about making peace, but the alliance says the only way that will happen is if she takes KellyAnne's key.

    The "Bridge It" face-off has Evelyn, Tyrie and Dan all crossing a bridge without falling into the water. As they cross, they have to take pieces of the bridge off, making it harder and harder for the next competitor to cross. It's anyone's game when strategy is the key to winning.

    As the planks disappear, the competitors need to jump. When he misses a jump, Dan falls into the water and is disqualified. Evelyn makes the jump with no problem, but Tyrie slips off the bridge, leaving Evelyn the winner. Johnny can't believe what just happened, insisting that Tyrie lost on purpose.

    In addition to winning a key, Evelyn is presented with a pizza! She decides to let KellyAnne and Robin join in the feast, leaving the rest of The Islanders to look on longingly -- and worry about whose key she is going to steal.

    Back at the hut, Tyrie is still furious over Johnny's accusations of throwing the face-off. He refuses to beg the alliance to keep him on the island, yet he is confident that he'll be in the game until the end.

    Evelyn talks to Johnny and Kenny before the elimination, telling them that she won't take KellyAnne's key. The alliance tells Evelyn to take Jenn's key, but Evelyn is quick to turn around and tell Jenn about the plan. In turn, Jenn tells Evelyn to take Johnny's key. Looks like trouble's brewing...

    At elimination, Dan pleads his case to the group and says that he wants to stay because he loves hanging out on the island. Tyrie admits that if he stays in the game he will eventually go into a face-off again and take someone's key. In the end, the majority of the group is better friends with Dan, so they send Tyrie home.

    When Evelyn takes the stage, she decides to take Johnny's key, saying the alliance is finally going to be broken up. Johnny throws his key at Evelyn's feet in what appears to be the beginning of "World War III."