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  1. After some of the girls banded together to try to eliminate Johnny at the last elimination, it's on! So far, the only key holders are guys, and they've joined forces ... picking up Paula and Johanna along the way. Meanwhile, another alliance is......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. A tribal war is about to break out between some money hungry Challengers. Check out this exclusive clip from next week's episode of 'The Island.'


  2. It's time for a ladies to face-off and they're all stepping up to the plate to secure their spot on 'The Island.'


  3. Watch all of the not to be missed moments from episode 3 of 'The Island.'


About Episode

  1. After some of the girls banded together to try to eliminate Johnny at the last elimination, it's on! So far, the only key holders are guys, and they've joined forces ... picking up Paula and Johanna along the way. Meanwhile, another alliance is forming on The Island: Rachel and the rest of the girls. Let the battle begin!

    With food becoming a hot-button issue, it isn't long before Johnny and KellyAnne are at each other's throats. As KellyAnne cooks, Johnny tries to take over. Soon, though, food isn't the main ingredient of the argument, and a verbal war breaks out. KellyAnne brings up the fact that Johnny only "won" a key because Abram begged to be eliminated. In response, he calls her "weak" and implies that she won't last long.

    Meanwhile, Robin and Derrick are strategizing. Derrick admits he's trying to watch Robin's back but feels that she's too much of a loose cannon. Elsewhere, Rachel reveals that she doesn't think that being part of an alliance will help her win the game. She feels that the only thing that will help is building close relationships.

    That night at dinner, Ryan gets a plate of rice with a tiny piece of fish on it and is told by Kenny that Robin took his portion. Ryan confronts Robin, who denies the allegation and thinks Kenny's just trying to divide people. In turn, Robin confronts Kenny, telling him all the things she's done to help out. In a flash, an argument starts when Johanna mouths off and Robin feels like she's being attacked.

    Derrick drags Robin away and they discuss how Johanna is only in Kenny's alliance because she's hooking up with him. Still ticked, Robin goes back and challenges Johanna to compete against her in a face-off. But Johanna admits that she plans on waiting until someone gives her a key. Flabbergasted, Robin announces to everyone that Johanna is clearly just hooking up with Kenny in hopes of gaining his key. Johanna is quick to remind Robin that she has fooled around with Kenny in the past.

    Watching things unfold, Kenny admits he feels like an ass because two girls are arguing over why they banged him. After the fight dies down, Johanna talks to Kenny, and he assures her that he doesn't think she's using him for a key. Only time will tell if that's really the case...

    The next day, a U.S. Army airdrop lands in the water and the guys decide that the girls should retrieve it. It's Johnny's test to see which girls are worth keeping. Lounging on the beach, the boys watch the girls swim out and retrieve the crate. They get it onto shore but have a hard time dragging it through the sand. The boys eventually lend a hand and help bust open the crate. Along with more pieces to the boats, The Islanders celebrate their new supply of oranges, eggs, fish, chocolate and graham crackers. Score!

    As everyone checks out the new boat pieces, Johnny tries to talk to Robin about how they might be able to get off the island, but she keeps mum. As an experienced sailor, she's not giving up any of her secrets. Not a good way to make friends!

    Taking a break from stirring up trouble, Robin gets cozy with Dan on the hammock. They talk about how her big mouth might get her in trouble. She threatened Kenny's girl, so she could potentially get the boot if she's up for elimination. As they start to make out, Rachel and Jenn discuss how have a deep connection with one another.

    In the morning, host TJ Lavin shows up to announce that The Islanders must pick three players to face-off against each other. After deciding that it will be an all-female challenge, veteran Rachel is the first to volunteer ... but only if she's up against two rookies. Having already set her mind on volunteering after her fight with Johanna, veteran Robin flips out over the new twist. She demands to be part of the face-off, leaving just one position to fill. Biting the bullet, rookie KellyAnne volunteers to go in.

    After the decision, Kenny and his cohorts are already talking about keeping Robin if it comes down to a vote. They think Rachel is their biggest threat, but everyone assumes she'll win -- which means they plan on sending KellyAnne home.

    For the face-off, Robin, Rachel and KellyAnne will compete in "The Rack." Out on the water are three sets of parallel bars. When the whistle blows, they must get on the first set of bars, keeping in contact with both bars at all times. If for any reason they touch the water or let go of either of the bars, they'll be disqualified. They may be asked to move into specific positions. If they do not assume the proper position, they'll be disqualified. The last person standing wins a key while the losers must plead their case in order to stay on The Island.

    The three girls get settled on the parallel bars and it's clear they're in it for the long haul. At first, Robin feels confident while KellyAnne worries that she doesn't have the attention span to win. After 30 minutes, TJ Lavin tells them to change positions. In the new pose, KellyAnne wiggles a lot, causing the haters to think she's going to be disqualified first. But after an hour, when the other girls' arms and legs are numb, KellyAnne is still going strong by pumping blood through her body by moving.

    In a shocking turn of events, Robin's hand slips off the bar and she is disqualified. With just KellyAnne and Rachel left, the guys start taunting KellyAnne from the sidelines. After another hour in the same position, Rachel realizes she's in trouble. Her body is weak, and KellyAnne is determined not to go home -- and she knows winning the face-off is the only way she's staying. With more than two hours under their belts, Rachel's hand slips and KellyAnne wins.

    Scared she might go home, Rachel corners Johnny and Kenny and tries to cut a deal with them, saying if they let her stay she'll do anything they ask. The guys wonder if she's full of crap, so they ask if she'd be willing to betray Jenn. She says she'd have their backs, no matter what. Clearly, she's willing to do whatever it takes to win. When Kenny and Johnny convene with their friends, they all agree to send Robin home.

    At elimination, Robin cries and begs The Islanders to keep her in the game because she has a lot of heart and can sail a boat. When Rachel steps up, she throws everyone for a loop by covertly mentioning the discussion she had, saying she realized she's not willing to compromise her integrity. But she asks everyone to keep her because she wants to be there and she wants to win.

    Feeling as though she's taking back her word, Kenny and Johnny start to have doubts about voting Robin off. When the voting begins, Robin starts racking up the numbers ... until Johnny casts his vote. He turns the tide by voting for Rachel, and the rest of his alliance follows suit. In the end, Rachel is eliminated and Robin wins a key.

    By giving Robin the boot, Johnny and Kenny's alliance proves just how strong they are. Clearly, if anyone turns against then, they're going home.