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  1. After the first face-off that sent Tonya home, The Real Worlders and Road Rulers have a better idea of what's in store for them on the island. And the players are beginning to struggle with their living conditions and scarcity of food as they try......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. When things get tough on The Island, the competitors start to break one by one and contemplate throwing in the towel on this RW/RR Challenge.


  2. Watch nothing but the juicest details about what went down in episode 2.


  3. Food is scarce and the challengers are grumpy. Get a taste of what to come on the next episode of 'The Island.'


About Episode

  1. After the first face-off that sent Tonya home, The Real Worlders and Road Rulers have a better idea of what's in store for them on the island. And the players are beginning to struggle with their living conditions and scarcity of food as they try to survive -- and win.

    The small rations of fish and rice that they've been given puts everyone on edge, especially when Johnny insists on preparing all the food. Johnny makes sure to keep an eye on how much everyone is consuming, making KellyAnne and Evelyn his prime targets of scrutiny. Of course, KellyAnne doesn't hold back about how she feels and a screaming match over fish and rice ensues.

    While KellyAnne and Johnny fight, Derrick, Dave and Abram talk about their romantic lives while gazing up at the stars. Dave has a girl back home who he hopes is still there when he gets off the island and Derrick misses his pregnant wife.

    As the night wears on, Dan hits the bottle a little too hard and becomes embarrassingly drunk while the rest of The Islanders look on. The other guys start to take Dan's heavy drinking pretty seriously and think it's a weakness that could affect the way they vote if he's ever on the chopping block. Seeing what's going on, Dave pulls Johnny and Abram aside to convince them that he should stay and Dan should go.

    The next day, Abram takes a liking to his nickname "Huck Finn," filling up his days building rafts and crab traps. While searching for crabs, Abram spots some fruit that has fallen from a tree. Intrigued, Abram climbs up the tree to get more. But he is attacked by a bunch of angry wasps, causing him to let out a bloodcurdling scream as he falls from the tree to get away from the nasty little stingers.

    Later, Johnny gets a hold of a sober Dan and tells him that Dave is trying to conspire against him by using Dan's drunken ways as a weapon. Johnny's heart-to-heart with Dan doesn't necessarily mean he's Mr. Nice Guy, though, as he infuriates KellyAnne with jokes about plastic surgery and trading "medications" with Robin. Evelyn is the only one on KellyAnne's side as the rest of The Islanders are intimidated by Johnny's pull in the game.

    The sun goes down, and that means another drunken night for Dan, culminating with a confrontation with Dave about trying to get him kicked off the island. Dave tries to play it cool, but when he casually calls Dan a weak player, an enraged Dan lashes out. Stepping in, Ashli gives Dan a reality check about what he's doing to his body and his position in the game. Seemingly seeing the light, Dan knows he has to take it easy on the booze to avoid being seen as a weak link.

    When the sun rises, The Real Worlders and Road Rulers spot another U.S. Army airdrop. To their surprise, when they break open the box, there's a cell phone inside. The catch? There's only 10 minutes of talking time on the phone. After some discussion, each of the players gets to make a quick call before another night of hardcore partying begins.

    As the liquor flows, Dave drinks "like a fish" for the first time since he's stepped on the beach. And, to everyone's surprise, he drunkenly packs his bags and decides to leave. Apparently, he's the first person to officially crack.

    With Dave gone, The Islanders must decide who goes into the next face-off. Johnny, Abram and Derrick all volunteer -- but Abram already has a key, so what exactly is he trying to prove?

    At the face-off, the three boys will battle in "The Ring Wrestle." It will be a test of their strength as they try to wrestle rope rings from the other two opponents. The winner will get a key to the treasure chest while the losers will have to plead their cases in order to stay on the island.

    When the whistle blows, Derrick and Johnny quickly push Abram outside of the boundaries, scoring a point against him. But Abram isn't about to be outdone, pushing hard to get a point against Johnny. Then Abram steps out of bounds again, throwing him out of the face-off and pitting Derrick and Johnny against each other. After rolling around in the dirt, Derrick wins the challenge -- and a key.

    At elimination, Abram tells the group that he wants to leave because of his job and Johnny says that he hopes his fellow competitors will heed Abram's request. Despite the girls wanting to send Johnny home, Abram's plea to be sent home works. Before he leaves, he gives his key to Dunbar.

    With Johnny still in the game, alliances are becoming more apparent -- and it's clear that The Islanders are all about to reach their breaking points.