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  1. Playtime is over for 20 Real Worlders and Road Rulers, who are being unceremoniously dropped onto The Island for the ultimate challenge. Yes, on a deserted beach off the coast of Panama, the rules of the game are about to change. As things kick......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. The competitors are caught in a loop when host TJ Lavin leaves them stranded on a deserted island to figure out the new rules for this season's RW/RR Challenge.


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About Episode

  1. Playtime is over for 20 Real Worlders and Road Rulers, who are being unceremoniously dropped onto The Island for the ultimate challenge. Yes, on a deserted beach off the coast of Panama, the rules of the game are about to change.

    As things kick off, the group of veterans and rookies are lounging on a boat, completely clueless about what they're getting themselves into. Just as the contestants start strategizing, host TJ Lavin breaks up the party and gives them a harsh dose of reality. There aren't any well-stocked fridges or comfy beds where they're going; in fact, everyday survival will be a chore. And there are no teams, which means everyone will be out for themselves. This ain't no vacation, folks!

    Yeah, there's money to be had -- $300,000, to be exact -- but it's hidden in a treasure chest ... on another island. The only way the players can get to Treasure Island is by building their own boats. But only two boats can be built, and each boat can only carry four people. Do the math ... things are definitely gonna get ugly!

    The contestants won't have time to party when they reach the beach that will be their home away from home. Instead, TJ warns them to be on the lookout for U.S. Army airdrops of vital supplies that will be their key to survival -- and cash. After sending them into a tailspin with all the information, TJ kicks everyone off the boat ... while they're still in the middle of the ocean!

    After swimming to the island, the contestants find that their living quarters have only the bare essentials -- drinking water, bags of rice, a makeshift shower and an outhouse. With no electricity and no air conditioning, there are plenty of complaints to go around. And the tension immediately runs high as some Islanders think it's best to hoard the supplies while others are eager to use everything up.

    During the first night on the beach, Tonya winds up in tears because she's not sure she's cut out for this challenge and Kenny is already trying to build alliances. But things lighten up when Dan discovers some liquor and everyone starts doing body shots. Even though they're "just friends," Cohutta and KellyAnne flirt. He even finds her "cute" when she's puking over the side of the bed. Meanwhile, Johanna cuddles with Kenny, Rachel smooches Jenn and Ryan makes out with KellyAnne -- wait, what?! Ah, alcohol.

    The next day, some of the guys try building a raft out of logs. When the attempt fails, Kenny makes fun of them, causing him and Tonya to get into an argument. Kenny calls Tonya all sorts of names, sending her out onto the beach in tears. Already the lack of food and supplies is driving everyone nuts -- they're sick of eating plain rice and are bored out of their minds.

    Then TJ Lavin appears, announcing that it's the first day of the U.S. Army airdrops. The Real Worlders and Road Rulers must ration their supplies and figure out which materials can be used to build the boats. They must use all the boat materials that they are given before they can shove off to the other island -- and they better not lose any because they can't be replaced. Although there have been no challenges yet, TJ warns The Islanders that someone still might be sent home.

    Soon a plane flies overhead and drops the first crate of supplies. The box contains food, the first pieces for the boats and the one thing all of the contestants have been in desperate need of: toilet paper. After the excitement of the drop wears off, Johanna and Kenny start flirting with each other on the couch ... or so it seems. Really Johanna is trying to scheme about how to win the money. Sneaky!

    Later that night, though, things really heat up between Johanna and Kenny when they run out onto the beach and start making out while everyone watches! While they both seem totally into each other, Kenny wonders if she really likes him or if she's just trying to secure her spot on the island.

    When TJ Lavin appears again, the contestants learn that each of the boat passengers must have a key to the treasure chest before they can head over to the other island. How do they get a key? They can face-off in a three-way challenge -- the winner gets a key while the losers must essentially beg their way back on the island. After a public vote, the player that is allowed to stay in the game gets a key and the other person is sent packing. The only other way to get a key is if someone is lucky enough to have a friend who hands one over when they are eliminated. Fun time's over!

    When they must decide who's going to face-off first, everyone realizes it's a double-edged sword. If they don't go in, they don't get a key. If they do go in, they could go home. With that in mind, Abram and Kenny volunteer themselves. Then the group votes on one other to go in, and Tonya gets the most votes. After the votes are counted, it's obvious that the rookies are already banding together -- they all voted for veteran Tonya because they didn't want to potentially send a fellow rookie home. So is this whole thing gonna come down to rookies vs. veterans -- or guys vs. girls? 'Cause it looks like some of the guys are already plotting against the girls, with their first target being Tonya.

    Abram, Kenny and Tonya must face "The Leaning Tower," where there are three telephone poles with 12 different colored holes in them. The players must retrieve one colored peg at a time from the water, place it in the appropriate space on the pole and then use that positioned pegs to climb the pole and ring the bell at the top. The winner will receive the first key for the treasure chest while the losers will have to continue to duke it out.

    When the whistle blows, Tonya seriously struggles as Abe and Kenny whiz through the challenge. Abram quickly pulls into the lead, but when he makes a mistake, Kenny gets ahead. Meanwhile, Tonya is way behind. The guys are basically neck and neck but, in the end, Abram winds up winning and scores a key.

    Then, in front of the other players, Kenny and Tonya must plead their cases. Tonya says she should stay because she's less of a threat than Kenny. On the flipside, Kenny points out that keeping a weak player could hold everyone back. As the votes are cast, Tonya racks 'em up and ultimately heads home while Kenny gets a coveted key.

    Back on the beach, a confident Kenny starts talking to the other guys about sending more "weak" girls packing ... yet he is later spotted hooking up with Johanna. Is he already undermining his own rules?