Songs from the show

    1. EVEREST  ‘Into Your Soft Heart'

    1. Hit The Lights  ‘Say What You Wanna Say'

    1. Bim Skala Bim  ‘Three Legged Dub'

    1. Howling Diablos  ‘Divine Trash Highway'

    1. Fall Back Plan  ‘Sucka Punch'

    1. Celldweller  ‘Descent'

    1. Otto's Daughter  ‘Follow Me Blindly'

    1. The Days The Nights  ‘Greenlight'

    1. Atreyu  ‘My Sanity On The Funeral Pyre'

    1. Hyper Crush  ‘Boom Box'

    1. Bim Skala Bim  ‘Kelp'

    1. The High Court  ‘After The Climax'

    1. The Original Sins  ‘Surfin Worm'

    1. Four Year Strong  ‘Wrecked 'Em Damn Near Killed 'Em'

    1. The High Court  ‘In Bambis Eyes'

    1. Celldweller  ‘Surgica'

    1. Secrets in Stereo  ‘Don't Stop'

    1. Keith Lubrant  ‘Headbangers Unite'

    1. Angry Chiwawah  ‘What Would You Do'