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  1. He's not big, but he's quick and he's a master strategist. He also won in the final Gauntlet, outlasting Danny to survive as a member of the Rookies that took the prize on a technicality in that Challenge. Since then, he lived in Los Angeles...   Read More

  2. Definitely no stranger to the Challenge, Brad says The Duel is "the final showdown" for him. Newly engaged (to fellow competitor Tori Hall), Brad has been working on his future, finishing up a masters degree and studying for the LSAT...   Read More

  3. A Challenge veteran, CT is no stranger to fans of the series, who know him for being someone who will do anything to win -- including lie, cheat and steal. He's a hard-partier who has been kicked out of past competitions for drinking too much...   Read More

  4. A blonde-haired, blue-eyed Southern boy, Davis used his opportunity on The Real World: Denver to be himself and show the world who he really is. In Africa for The Inferno 3, he was one of the losing Good Guys, who also ended up with a...   Read More

  5. He was possibly the strongest member of the Rookies team on The Gauntlet II, but Derek didn't survive a puzzling challenge, and got sent packing halfway through to the finale. Since then, he's been bartending, playing poker, golf, football,...   Read More

  6. When we met Dunbar in Sydney, we found out fast that he was more than a little opinionated and more than a little hot-headed. He also struggled to with his feelings for his roommate Ashli while trying to stay faithful to his girlfriend back home....   Read More

  7. A big guy with an even bigger personality, Eric is widely known as "Big Easy." He's an average guy who believes in working hard and playing hard, perhaps with more emphasis on the latter. He has recorded an album and is working for a marketing...   Read More

  8. A cocky Canadian, Evan is a sweet-talking flirt whose bigger-than-life personality wins over friends easily. He's also a strong athlete who is an attractive alliance partner by just about anyone who is in the Challenge. Since being part of...   Read More

  9. Who didn't fall for the loveable party boy Issac when he was one of the Real World roommates in Sydney? Since returning to the United States, he's kept up the partying, all over the world. He's also found time to raise money, along with...   Read More

  10. Since taking part in The Gauntlet II, Landon has earned a degree in landscape architecture. While he hopes to head to the West Coast of the U.S. to work and settle down, for now he's racing mountain bikes professionally and working in a bike...   Read More

  11. A self-proclaimed television junkie, Mark has long been involved in the Challenge, participating in the very first, back in 1998, and he's been back several times since. He has also parlayed his stint in the world of MTV reality programming...   Read More

  12. You'll remember Nick as one of the roommates from The Real World: Hollywood. The Jamaican-born ladies' man has been pursuing his career in entertainment since appearing on the show, hosting fashion shows, fundraisers and other events. He also...   Read More

  13. Ryan started out on a challenge, but didn't make it very far in the Fresh Meat season. He also returned for two more, but got bounced from The Gauntlet 3 and was among the runners-up on The Island. He's a manipulator, he's witty...   Read More

  14. Another veteran of the games, Anessa is not afraid to speak her mind, make an alliance or pull the rug out from under another competitor. She's the real deal. Since her last turn in the challenges, she had successful knee surgery which "has made my...   Read More

  15. We feel like we hardly know Brittini. An aspiring model, she moved into the Hollywood house after the late-season departure of two of the original roommates. A flirt who loves to party, Brittini enjoys being the center of attention and is used to...   Read More

  16. Brooke is best known for losing it in Denver in a performance that won her the Best Meltdown honor at the Real World Awards. Brooke now channels that energy into grad school at NYU, pursuing a degree in social work. Seemingly averse to anything...   Read More

  17. An army brat who gathered most of her personality makeup from living in the southern United States, Diem has proven herself to be a formidable competitor in past challenges.. Her interest in how others overcome adversity has led Diem to a career in...   Read More

  18. The party animal of the Denver season of The Real World, Jenn is a fun-loving former Oakland Raiderette cheerleader who, as of late, has been dancing professionally with the San Francisco-based team La Femme Panache. She was one of the Bad...   Read More

  19. Katie was the winner in her first Challenge entry, The Inferno, and saw defeat in the final mission in The Gauntlet. So, no doubt about it, she's a pro who comes to win. Since we last saw Katie, she's been living in Chicago and...   Read More

  20. A charming Southern belle who nonetheless found ways to offend her Real World: Hollywood roommates, Kimberly has spent her time since leaving her roommates chasing her dreams. She and a friend opened the Klutch boutique in Los Angeles, and...   Read More

  21. Confrontational, yet sensitive; bitchy, yet likeable; damaged, yet self-aware; attractive, yet insecure -- Paula possesses a variety of contradictory personality traits. This Quinnipiac University grad is a partier whose crazy, inebriated...   Read More

  22. Another Challenge competitor who could be considered a veteran's veteran, Rachel is back for a sixth shot at the prize. She works as a personal trainer in Miami and should be considered a hardcore competitor. Rachel has been a Bad Ass and...   Read More

  23. We met this one-time Coyote Ugly bartender in San Diego. Since then, she's become a veteran of the challenges, with four under her belt so far, but nary a win to her credit. She's been selling real estate and working on finishing her college...   Read More

  24. Ruthie is well known as an unafraid ass kicker who emerged as a leader during her two turns in the Battle of the Sexes challenges. Since facing her demons while on The Real World: Hawaii, she has traveled to colleges and universities...   Read More

  25. We haven't seen Shauvon since she moved out of The Real World: Sydney house after reconciling with her long-term boyfriend -- whose earlier demand that she choose between a career and marriage led to their breakup. A journalism major at the...   Read More

  26. This girl is a winner. She's a former Miss Virginia Teen USA and Miss Virginia USA. She's also a solid athlete with a pretty good track record. On Road Rules, she made it to the end, netting herself a share of a handsome reward. In The...   Read More