Songs from the show

    1. David Falcon  ‘Used'

    1. The Radiance Effect  ‘The End'

    1. The Monster Goes Rawrr  ‘If I Shake It Off, Make You'll Take It Off'

    1. Later Days  ‘Grady Scott (Goodnight, Goodbye)'

    1. The Fervor  ‘Permanent Nature'

    1. The Fervor  ‘Coma'

    1. Beta State  ‘If You Sleep Too Long'

    1. Downstait  ‘Can You Hear Me Now?'

    1. Architects UK  ‘Learn To Live'

    1. Evans Blue  ‘Sick Of It'

    1. The Common Year  ‘Used To This'

    1. Hyena  ‘Find Our Skin'

    1. Dear Lions  ‘Space Sister'

    1. Mayda  ‘That One'

    1. Gridlock  ‘Chatter'

    1. South Central  ‘Sword'