Songs from the show

    1. Madina Lake  ‘Let It Go'

    1. Pance Party  ‘Fun Factory'

    1. Crud  ‘The Man Goes Down'

    1. Amber Pacific  ‘Three Words'

    1. The Kids Are Radioactive (feat. LexiconDon)  ‘Higher'

    1. Bosley  ‘Disco Lights'

    1. The Boys of Summer  ‘The People Want To Believe'

    1. The Rocketboys  ‘Rare Triumph'

    1. Architects UK  ‘Day In Day Out'

    1. A Day To Remember  ‘This Is The House That Doubt Built'

    1. The Radiance Effect  ‘Hello Beautiful'

    1. Element 57  ‘Freedom'

    1. Freakhouse  ‘Peel Away The Skin'

    1. The Air Station  ‘The King'

    1. Ocelot Robot  ‘Beautiful Disgrace'

    1. Janus  ‘Maybe It's You'

    1. Action Item  ‘Somewhere Out There'