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  1. TJ Lavin, veteran BMX pro dirt jumper and host of MTV's hit show The Challenge, is back for another season, living up to his "never say quit" attitude that he so often emphasizes on the show. Candid and to the point, this X Games gold medalist is a...   Read More

  2. Last seen on Duel 2 getting brutally punched in the face by his former Real World: Paris roommate, CT, Adam returns for another shot at Challenge glory. But has Adam gotten over the notorious incident? Adam admits, "You have to tell yourself that...   Read More

  3. Real World: Back to Las Vegas viewers barely got a taste of Adam, when he was kicked off for his outlandish behavior. This explosive twenty-two year old makes his Challenge debut without any worries, promising, "I'm fearless. I'll eat anything. ...   Read More

  4. Challenge legend Aneesa has won more elimination rounds than most players have even seen. Surviving eliminations is nice, but winning a final is better, and first place is what this Real World: Chicago alum is gunning for this season on Rivals. ...   Read More

  5. The self-described "whipping-boy" during Cutthroat, Brandon was constantly sent into the Gulag elimination round. Brandon promises, "I was used and abused by my team. But on this Challenge, I'm definitely going to play the political game...   Read More

  6. Camila first appeared on Spring Break Challenge, but the Brazilian native left her mark on Cutthroat, where her outspoken manner drew the unwanted attention of the house mean girls. Despite verbal attacks and accusations of theft from her female...   Read More

  7. The last time we saw emo-beauty Cara Maria, she was finding love with teammate Abram, while fighting her way to the finals of Cutthroat. A proud only child, Cara Maria boogies to her own beat as can be seen from her outlandish fashion sense, and...   Read More

  8. Perhaps the most feared man in Challenge history, sexy bad-boy CT enters Rivals with a new attitude, revealing, "I've been staying out of trouble, surrounding myself with good people, trying to do the right thing and not be a knucklehead." While CT...   Read More

  9. Upon hearing that he would return to The Challenge, Davis decided to work on his physique, but the shock of his new partner left him worried, "I started training like an athlete, but when I found out who my partner was, I knew all my hard work had...   Read More

  10. Last seen snatching the championship belt away from Brad by mere seconds on Duel 2, Evan marks his return to The Challenge, claiming to be, "A little older and a little wiser." But this veteran competitor has made more than his share of enemies...   Read More

  11. Evelyn is undeniably one of the most dominating players to ever don a Challenge jersey. Not one to back down, Evelyn asserts, "Unlike other girls in this game, I don't take a back seat." A fiercely independent competitor, Evelyn doesn't always...   Read More

  12. Real World: Cancun alum Jasmine makes her Challenge debut this season on Rivals. What Jasmine may lack in size, she more than makes up for in spunk and this little firecracker is determined to prove that rookies are nothing to scoff at. But will...   Read More

  13. The feisty Jenn is renowned for her sharp tongue, crafty gamesmanship, and unfortunate track-record of losing in the finals. This veteran Challenger and Real World: Denver alum has yet to win the grand prize and she's tired of it. But will Rivals...   Read More

  14. Johnny was last seen suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of CT on Cutthroat. Reflecting on the astonishing elimination, Johnny notes, "I had the carpet pulled out from under me. But if you feed a banana to a gorilla, you shouldn't be that...   Read More

  15. Hailing from the wild, booze-fueled Real World: Cancun, Jonna drove the boys crazy with her piercing eyes and flirty attitude. But this didn't always sit well with the other female housemates, some of whom saw her as a shady temptress. Jonna plans...   Read More

  16. One of the most colorful characters from Real World: Brooklyn, Katelynn is back for her third Challenge, and this time she's determined to prove herself. But we'll see how she does when paired with her rival, a sometimes bossy player who has...   Read More

  17. One of the most winning players in Challenge history, Kenny brags, "I have six trips to a Final, three championships, and two second place wins." Kenny may be used to winning, but he has never been forced to play the game with his worst enemy as...   Read More

  18. Don't let the pretty face on this former model fool you -- Laurel has the size, strength and athleticism to give anyone a run for their Challenge money. Debuting on Fresh Meat II, this Wisconsin native paired with her mentor Kenny to dominate the...   Read More

  19. Leroy partied hard while on Real World: Back to Vegas, but he promises that what happened in Vegas will stay in Vegas, "During my season, I was into the girls and the drinking, but here my main motivation is the money!" Rookies don't always have...   Read More

  20. She may look fresh off the set of 90210, but make no mistake, Mandi's got heart. Since her last stint on Cutthroat, Mandi explains, "I'm going through what I might call a quarter-life crisis." Deciding there's no better cure than a hair-raising...   Read More

  21. Taking a break from studying for the GRE and getting ready for grad school, Michael agreed to be a replacement player without ever watching a single episode of The Challenge. But the always-studious Real Worlder did some research, "I watched the...   Read More

  22. Since we last saw Nehemiah on Duel 2, he has been traveling the world and performing with his band. He returns to the game with a fresh outlook and a chiseled body. "This time is going to be a little bit different. I'm in a lot better shape than...   Read More

  23. Always the bridesmaid but never the bride, Paula has too often been left behind as her so-called allies claim victory. This Real World: Key West alum has never won a final in her seven seasons on The Challenge. Some blame Paula's losing streak on...   Read More

  24. Veteran player Robin has seen eight Challenges and cultivated a reputation for playing a drama-filled game. This time around, she's using her brand new baby boy as motivation to keep her eyes on the prize. But things might be harder than this new...   Read More

  25. The last time we saw Sarah, she was puking from heat exhaustion during the Cutthroat final, before being whisked away in an ambulance. However, the Real World: Brooklyn housemate is nothing if not driven and she wants another crack at victory. But...   Read More

  26. Theresa first appeared in Fresh Meat II, where the Milwaukee resident stood out for her height, athleticism, and fondness for the boys. But having two seasons under her belt, Theresa now realizes that Challenges aren't all fun and games. Theresa...   Read More

  27. Since his shocking loss on Cutthroat, Ty claims to have looked to the stars for inspiration...literally. He explains, "I have fully embraced my new astrological sign -- as an Aries -- and forged on to new, exciting endeavors in life." But Ty...   Read More

  28. After winning Cutthroat, Tyler explains his goal for Rivals, "The reason I'm doing this Challenge is because I want to scale a mountain! I want to jump off of cliffs! I want to do crazy sh*t!" While Tyler is ready to seek out adventure, one...   Read More

  29. Returning to The Challenge after a long absence, Real World: Denver's large and in charge Tyrie is back and hungry for a win. Having come up short in all of his past attempts, Tyrie won't settle for anything less than first place, but worries that...   Read More

  30. A former Real World: Austin housemate and self-proclaimed "Challenge addict," Wes loves reminding everyone that he won the biggest cash prize in Challenge history for his victory on The Duel. Despite humiliating back-to-back defeats in the The...   Read More