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  1. Drumroll, please! It's judgment day on The Gauntlet III and we're about to find out who has what it takes to go the distance! Will it be the Veterans or the Rookies? But before they take a shot at the $300,000 grand prize, there's still one......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. The final mission has arrived and the last 10 Vets and 6 Rookies battle it out in the ARMY Strong Challenge for all of the 300k.


  2. The Rookies overcome all the odds to take home the victory in this week's ARMY Strong Moment.


  3. Get a sneak peek of next week's reunion special, then tune in next Weds. March 26th at 10pm ET/PT.


About Episode

  1. Drumroll, please! It's judgment day on The Gauntlet III and we're about to find out who has what it takes to go the distance! Will it be the Veterans or the Rookies?

    But before they take a shot at the $300,000 grand prize, there's still one more male Gauntlet about to go down. The Rookies decide to protect Eric and throw Adam into The Gauntlet. Adam feels betrayed by the decision because Frank promised that the Rookies would save him. When the Veterans deliberate, they pick Danny to face-off against Adam.

    In The Gauntlet, Danny and Adam compete in "Ball Brawl," where they must grab balls and run to the finish line. Putting up a fierce fight, Adam proves his muscle and scores the first point. Danny gives it his all to stop Adam from scoring again, but Adam's too fast for him. Finally, Danny just gives up and lets Adam take the lead -- and the win. Danny walks away defeated.

    That night, the remaining players raise their glasses for a victory toast -- they made it! The Veterans have 10 players left, while the Rookies have six. The Veterans think they're at a huge advantage, but they're only as strong as their slowest person -- namely Eric.

    During an emotional team meeting, Eric expresses his dedication and willingness to fight for the Veterans' win, saying the only way he's quitting is if he goes out on a stretcher. Meanwhile, as the Vets hash things out, the Rookies are doubting themselves and their ability to win.

    It all comes down to this! Aboard a yacht, the Veterans and the Rookies are ready to face the "Army Strong" final challenge. They'll be running a race, team versus team, through a series of checkpoints laid out across the beach. Each checkpoint is reminiscent of a challenge they have already faced this season. Once the challenge is complete, they will be given a key, which will be used to obtain instructions for the next checkpoint. After the first checkpoint, each team will be chained together for the remainder of the race. The first team to cross the finish line with all its players wins.

    Ready to battle it out for the $300,000 grand prize, the Veterans and the Rookies must jump off the boat, swim one-half mile to shore and find the first checkpoint. When host TJ Lavin gives the signal, the contestants jump into the water and labor their way toward the beach.

    Paddling with all of their strength, the Rookies take an early lead. Meanwhile, Veteran Eric is already dead in the water, forcing CT to drag him through the current. Evan is the first person to hit land, but he realizes that Eric and CT have a long way to go. As Veterans and Rookies pile up on the beach, Eric and CT are still struggling.

    The Rookies are the first to get all their teammates ashore. They run to the first checkpoint as the Veterans wait for CT to drag Eric onto dry land. While the Veterans are flipping out, the Rookies find the first checkpoint and discover they'll be playing "Chill Out/Assembly Required." They'll have to dive into a tub of ice water and retrieve 20 puzzle pieces. Then, they'll have to put the puzzle together.

    While the Rookies get to it, Eric and CT finally hit the shore. Eric is exhausted, but there's no time to waste. The Veterans run down the beach to the first checkpoint. As the Veterans arrive, the Rookies are ready to move on.

    After reaching the first checkpoint, the teammates are chained together -- leaving the Veterans dragging a breathless, barely coherent Eric down the beach. The Rookies' big lead gives them a sense of hope that they can actually win this thing.

    As Evan leads his lagging team down a hill, Eric starts complaining that he can't breathe. With CT on one side of him and Brad on the other, a winded Eric is being pushed and pulled in all directions. CT starts screaming "encouraging" words at him, but Brad is concerned that something is really wrong. As the two teammates argue, Eric becomes disoriented and starts vomiting. But his team presses on.

    At the next checkpoint, "Screw You," the teams are neck and neck. They must each unscrew a nut until it falls off the track. Both the Veterans and the Rookies try feverishly to work their nuts free. When the Rookies' nut gets stuck, they panic and wind up breaking the track and ripping the key off before the Veterans can finish. With only a slight lead, the Rookies take off for the next checkpoint.

    With a comeback actually in sight, the Veterans race to the next checkpoint, with Eric once again trailing behind. As the Veterans charge down a flight of stairs, Brad has to hold Eric up. Stumbling and panting, Eric falls to the ground, unable to breath. The Vets are thrown into utter panic, wondering what they should do. All kinds of ideas start whipping around, including carrying and dragging him to the finish line. But Brad argues that Eric is clearly out of it and needs medical attention.

    Horrified, the Veterans watch as paramedics put Eric on a stretcher and load him into an ambulance. As Eric is taken away, the Vets realize they can't win. Mad as hell, they band together and decide to finish the race. And without Eric to slow them down, they start flying through the checkpoints.

    Meanwhile, not knowing what's going on behind them, the Rookies reach the next checkpoint. After successfully completing a "Sliders" puzzle, they plow forward. They breeze through "Man Overboard," where they must use a pulley system to go back and forth.

    The final checkpoint is "I Dig You," where each team must dig feverishly to find a chest buried in the sand. In the chest is a flag -- whichever team raises their flag first wins. In the lead, the Rookies frantically dig. But soon they spy a frightening sight -- the Veterans are coming!

    After Eric's accident, the Veterans are fired up and ready to win. The horde of Vets drop to their knees and begin digging. Grunting and growling, the Veterans blast through the sand, putting the pressure on their fatigued foes. Trying not to get discouraged, the Rookies keep a steady pace as they plow into the dirt.

    Exhaustion begins to plague the small group of Rookies, though, and the Veterans are the first to unearth their chest and find their flag. The Vets quickly raise their flag and cheer at their apparent victory.

    But the Veterans' celebration comes to an awkward end when TJ tells them that they didn't cross the finish line with their whole team, so they forfeit the game. Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, Frank manages to pull out the Rookies' chest. The Rookies raise their flag and ... we have a winner!